Thursday, March 25, 2010

actually a small part of my birthday (formerly and inaccurately entitled: what i obsessed about on my birthday)

So, yeah, I had a birthday on Monday. It was great, thanks for asking. What would have been a drawback, except for the presence of a dear friend who was in the same boat, was that it was time to get my license renewed. This is a big deal, because I have loved LOVED my old license picture. See?

It's, like, better than my wedding pictures, for goodness sakes. Who knows how terribly accurate this next license picture will be? I like looking better on my license than I do in reality. Ironic much? Because, QUESTION: when do I ever show my license when I'm NOT there to give testament to the fact that it's a charitable depiction of me? ummm, wait...ANSWER: now.

In similar news, why does Sam's even have a pixilated ID picture on their membership cards? It never even looks remotely like the cardholder.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

five things that make me feel like i'm doing something, when in reality, there are 50 more important things for me to do

1. Deleting messages from my spambox

2. eating

3. checking my mailbox (the real one)

4. throwing dirty clothes in the basement (not sorting or washing)

5. writing a blog post

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

dear mom, i'm sorry i haven't even posted pictures...

I was going to post some pictures just now. But, I opened my "Family 2010" picture folder, and there was virtually nothing there. Okay, there were two bad pictures of my kids. The other 800 pictures are still on my camera.

I know that I dropped off the face of the blogosphere. (I hate that term, but whatever.) Anyway, there's lots of good reasons:

1. Romeo and Juliet and their thirty-some cohorts needed costumes. done.

2. The power cord from my computer won't stay put, so it doesn't charge...or give power when my battery isn't charged. So, the laptop is usually out of commission. I think it's time we get a new computer. I could use advice. I'm very indecisive and take a LONG time to make biggish decisions.

3. I want to make the most of the little time I have left with my kids. It hit me recently that Avery is halfway to 18 years old. The first nine years went by too fast. I want to savor the vapor of this life.

So, if I have time, power (battery or AC, of course) and no major projects, I'll check-in here. At the very least, I hope to get some pictures up for the kids' biggest fans (aka Grandparents).