Monday, September 24, 2007


according to the world of modern medicine, my baby is
not necessarily a "miracle". there's really no reason i
shouldn't be able to have a healthy little baby. but, because
God is the author and sustainer of life, every child is a miracle.
this past weekend, a couple from our church, gave birth to
a lifeless nine pound five ounce little girl.
it appears the cord was wrapped around her neck.
i am so deeply sad for them.
this sweet couple joyfully anticipated God's little gift and now have an empty crib
and longing hearts.
if you read this, please pray for them.
their names are abraham and molly.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Cooler weather calls for POLKA DOTS!!!

Am I thrilled that it's getting cool already??? Well, yes!
But that's only because it means it's time to pull out the tights!
This is one of three pairs that Sheila got for the little girl! So
glad I could get a picture before she pooped on them!

another thing...

Somehow, I got a shower before taking Avery to school. And,
even though I experienced it myself, it remains a mystery to
me how I got makeup on this morning. Seems like a miracle. And
then, the fact that I had the thought to appear in a's a day
of miracles! Thanks to Miles for taking a blog-worthy pic!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Smiles all Around!!!

Finally!!! She smiles frequently enough for photo ops!!!
We have so much fun with this little lady!!!

I must note that the "Treasu(red)" outfit and the sweet little pink
sundress are from Sheila!!! Carol, thanks for the adorable pleated

The First Day of School!!

Well, the verdict is in and Avery loves school! We're not surprised. Here, you can see he has the love and support of his siblings!!! The only question he's had so far is, "Do I have casual Fridays?"

Monday, September 3, 2007

Trying to capture a smile!!

Wow, this is tricky business trying to get your little one to smile for the camera!!! I didn't catch one, but almost!!! The best thing about her smile is her dimples!! She got those from her Daddy!

Avery News!

Avery will be 7 years old in a few weeks and he finally lost his first tooth this past Friday!!

I woke up the next morning to a very disappointed boy standing over me saying, "The tooth fairy only brought me 35 cents." C'mon, toothfairy!!! That's all you could do? Luckily, while we were all out of the house, the toothfairy made a daytime visit and slipped in some extra dough. We realize these are hard times for everyone...even the dag-gone toothfairy.

Further news on Avery, we made a split decision this past week to explore, apply and enroll him in school. We are pretty confident that this is the right decision for now. If you think you're the last to know, you're not...this is fresh news.