Monday, September 24, 2007


according to the world of modern medicine, my baby is
not necessarily a "miracle". there's really no reason i
shouldn't be able to have a healthy little baby. but, because
God is the author and sustainer of life, every child is a miracle.
this past weekend, a couple from our church, gave birth to
a lifeless nine pound five ounce little girl.
it appears the cord was wrapped around her neck.
i am so deeply sad for them.
this sweet couple joyfully anticipated God's little gift and now have an empty crib
and longing hearts.
if you read this, please pray for them.
their names are abraham and molly.


Kevin and Allison said...

What a reminder of the blessing that God gives us in the lives of our children. We too often take it for granted, until something like this brings us to repentence. Thank you for sharing this and we will be in prayer for this dear couple. Love you.

Ramona Lisa said...

How true it is. Each and every child is a miracle from God, and we should not take one birth for granted. My heart goes out to your grieving friends. I am praying that God provides strength, courage and comfort.
In His grip, Ramona