Wednesday, June 9, 2010

we interrupt this silence to bring attention to a good friend

I don't know why, but all of the sudden I feel like writing a post about Jenny Wilson.

I think it's because I realized that today marks the fifty-billionth time I've blurted out to my husband, "I just love Jenny Wilson." I have to say Wilson, because I love Jenny Rigney oh-so-much, too, and that could get confusing for a husband.

So Brent asked, "What makes you say that...this time?" (And try to read that as inquisitive and not annoyed, even though the wording suggests annoyed. Definitely not annoyed.)

I attempted to explain. "She says stuff and I understand...She gets me...I don't feel self-conscious around her." I realize that's so vague. I could say that about all my friends. But, today I need to bring your attention to Jenny flippin' Wilson.

Here's some things I admire:

She has made the best carne asada, the best chocolate bread pudding and the best chicken pot pie I have ever had.

She does a lot of thrifting and always looks like a million bucks. I wish she (and Tiffany) would be my personal shoppers, but alas.

When she is in a situation where she could worry and hem and haw, she doesn't worry like the world. She preaches to herself and she waits. It's encouraging to my soul.

She taught me how to coupon, and is always there for my coupon-obsessed calls, texts and emails.

She is sympathetic.

She is self-aware in a way that has been so freeing to me. For example, years ago, she said, "I'm a phase girl. I've been crunchy, I've been into running, etc..." I can't remember all her examples, but her point was, I can get into something like organic foods and not feel like I'm locked in for life. She's committed to her family and most definitely to her relationship with Jesus and she has a healthy perspective on the rest. (I'm a phase girl, too! Like, for example...blogging?!)

She sets me straight. Like a few weeks ago, when I told her that I'd rather die a slow and painful death so I could make sure I'm right with God. And she said in a sing-songy voice, " know that justification comes by faith and not works, right?..." yee-ep.

She can throw a playdate or a meal together in two seconds flat. One time we walked to the park with a picnic lunch she made in no time and for drinks? We didn't have bottled water, so we carried a pitcher of water. I love that. Practical.

She's practical. Did I mention that?

She makes a fantastic latte.

She's honest about what's on her mind, what's in her heart. And, she isn't weirded out by me being too honest. For example, when her daughter got into the school I really wanted my kids to get into, I admitted, "I'm kind of jealous." And, then approximately seven minutes later, I was fine and could tell her that, too. (And then, my kids got into that school the next year. And, really, I was over it in seven minutes! don't judge me. Jenny didn't.)

She drives my kids home in the afternoons (and doesn't complain about them).

She's so stinkin' fun.

Okay. That's it. Jenny Wilson, you are the bomb diggety. And I'm glad that God would see fit to make you my neighbor, fellow carpooler, coupon mentor and friend.