Thursday, November 22, 2007

a snowy thanksgiving

no pictures of turkey. no picture of the whole family. but, the memories are (hopefully) locked in. we shared this holiday with our dear friends, Steve and Tiffany Dykstra. i think Tiffany was my first friend from our church here in minnie. i was in tears when we first met. figures.

it snowed today. i was so glad. i love these winters. our family must embrace them...or they might just swallow us up. so. we get out the gloves and snowsuits and smile at the cloudy skies and say, "thank you, God, for the beauty of snow." He truly is amazing. God. There is nothing that we can create that he hasn't given us the resources for. He is the source. He is the Creator. He is involved in all. In our Thanksgiving devotion with the Dykstra's, Steve led us in a time of praise. i was thankful for this: God is in all things. even though satan tries to separate from the Amighty God, and tries to work his own plan, God is the Master over all. Whatever one might intend for evil, God is over all and intends it for good. He will redeem. He is Good. He works Good. i praise Him for his sovereignty over all. He is our greatest Hope.

here's the pics we do have.

the guys played a LOT outside...even in 3/4 " of snow

this is probably the only time "little girl" (as i usually call
her) will don this pink vest. isn't it swell? i wish i had one.

i said, "Brent, could you put her in the Thanksgiving outfit?"
and this is what happened. can you tell what's missing?

yep. the shirt. brent tends to bring
comic relief into my life regularly. love him.
this pose also made me laugh. she just stood
there, leaning back...i finally just relieved her
of her little soldier stance after a bit. (Sorry there's no
tights, Mom. She pooped out of those early on!)

Tiffany and her newborn
Jude AND Steve with Jeneva.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sew Crazy!

So I thought I post a few pics of what I was working on! It's pretty fun, but it takes over the house. Pins, scraps and thread end up everywhere. Needless to say, Brent is happy when it gets packed up and put away for awhile. I must also say, though, that he is so supportive of my need to create. If you need homemade, one-of-a-kind baby gifts, I'm in business!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kim Was Here!

Hey, friends. Long blog. It's been very busy. We had Halloween (still need to get pics from Uncle Steve). Kim came from Baltimore. Wade came from St. Louis. I sewed a bunch of quilts for a craft fair and all the nooks and crannies of time were simply filled. It's been manic. I should probably be sleeping, but I wanted to sneak in a little post of Kim's trip. She sent a bunch of fun pics from her visit.

Kim and I had baby girls 4 days apart. She was the VERY first person I told when I found out I was expecting. Brent was out of town and I was in shock. I called her to apologize for being edgy in a political conversation we had earlier in the day and the news just rolled off my tongue. I don't even think I believed it. I told her, "Now you need to be pregnant." And she said, "I am." I started crying. I was really in a very happy state of shock. Well, roughly one year later, I had the pleasure of hosting Kim and her little girl Lucy for a few days!

We had so much fun. We visited Cafe Latte a few times. Shared a bottle of "Mommy's Time Out" (not in one day, of course!). We made "BFF" onesies for the girls. We had a great time. It was fun to see Kim in her new Mommy role. It was so natural and wonderful. Lucy's a darling little baby! Miles couldn't get enough of her! I'm sure I'm forgetting some cute quotes and "memorable" moments, but I'm just toast right now. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful visit. Hopefully the first of many!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Big Girl Standing Up

I love this little song Kim sings. She's always singing. It's like actually being in a musical.
The girls (and my boys) LOVE this little jingle!