Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kim Was Here!

Hey, friends. Long blog. It's been very busy. We had Halloween (still need to get pics from Uncle Steve). Kim came from Baltimore. Wade came from St. Louis. I sewed a bunch of quilts for a craft fair and all the nooks and crannies of time were simply filled. It's been manic. I should probably be sleeping, but I wanted to sneak in a little post of Kim's trip. She sent a bunch of fun pics from her visit.

Kim and I had baby girls 4 days apart. She was the VERY first person I told when I found out I was expecting. Brent was out of town and I was in shock. I called her to apologize for being edgy in a political conversation we had earlier in the day and the news just rolled off my tongue. I don't even think I believed it. I told her, "Now you need to be pregnant." And she said, "I am." I started crying. I was really in a very happy state of shock. Well, roughly one year later, I had the pleasure of hosting Kim and her little girl Lucy for a few days!

We had so much fun. We visited Cafe Latte a few times. Shared a bottle of "Mommy's Time Out" (not in one day, of course!). We made "BFF" onesies for the girls. We had a great time. It was fun to see Kim in her new Mommy role. It was so natural and wonderful. Lucy's a darling little baby! Miles couldn't get enough of her! I'm sure I'm forgetting some cute quotes and "memorable" moments, but I'm just toast right now. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful visit. Hopefully the first of many!!

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Proud Parents said...

Jillian looks so cute in the BFF onsesie picture (Lucy looks a little awe-struck). Loved your entry. It was a fun trip. I wish I were still in Minneapolis so that we could go get some coffee in a cute area. I love that you put our preggers story on your posting. Kim