Friday, October 22, 2010

She's One

She says, "Hazah?" Translated: "What's that??"

Like her sister was, she is pretty adventurous for her age.

Like her brother Miles, she has beautiful blue eyes that get lost in thought.

Like Avery, she looks like me. (Okay. waaaay self-centered.) Trying again. Likes Avery. She REALLY likes Avery. But, Avery likes her more. Loves her to pieces, he does.

Like her Mommy, she secretly likes dress-up. (Here's hoping...)

She likes to wave "Hello" and "Good-bye".

Watch out. She puts everything in her mouth. She's been affectionately referred to as Lint Trap.

Thanks to my photographer and friend, Jenny Rigney, who knows her way around a camera!