Thursday, April 22, 2010

conversation worth blogging (in my humble opinion)

The setting: Jillian had just used the facilities while I was welcoming the boys home from school. You read that right. The two-and-a-half-year-old is officially potty trained.

Jillian: I flush da toilet.
Me: Oh, good! Let's wash your hands.
Jillian: I washed my hands.
Me: Oh, really? In the bathroom sink?
Jillian: No. In da toilet.


Greta said...

Awesome. (and I'm jealous...about the potty training part)

Carol said...

Yea Jillian! She's getting the steps!! Wonder if she washed hands in toilet before or after flushing! just a little glich(sp?) along the way!

Aunt Carol

(Who is dat lady, Mom?) Laughing every time I think of this.

Talitha said...

haha thats great!

Andie said...

Love it. Wish I could say that Byron was potty trained. He looked like he was going to train himself in about Feb. Was telling me when he needed to go and everything. then, he decided he was done and wanted diapers again. With a 3 mo. old at the time, I decided I didn't want a colossal battle. But, pretty soon when the diapers run out, he's going to be out of luck :)

Sarah said...


Melissa said...

that is going to be Elizabeth....she already loves washing her hands and everything else in the toilet.