Sunday, January 2, 2011

favorites from the Christmas photo shoot

photographer: jenny rigney
location: rigney's backyard
temperature: eh...15 degrees?
photo shoot time: 20 minutes max.
fun fact: brent & jillian actually had a short photo shoot the following day because it was just too cold to make a three-year-old smile on day 1

amazed. we are all looking in one direction.

yep. those are my handsome boys. i LOVE this face!

the twins. seriously.

this pictures is healing for me. first one of us together that doesn't totally suck. i actually like it. a lot.

thanks, jenny, for working wonders!


Anonymous said...

the best picture i've seen of the two of you! i love how piercing blue your eyes look too.

love ya,

Talitha said...

what a beautiful family!

Karla Anne said...

Beautiful pictures! I love all of the reds and greens :)

Jon said...

So I am a technological moron, boardering on idiocy. I think I tried to comment using the "anonymous" deal. If so, remove it. Regardless, I am trying with my gmail. To the point, long story how I saw your blog that involves of all things researching use of social media for a legal seminar I am presenting. Won't digress. Beautiful family! God has obviously blessed y'all! Jonathan D. Stewart

Jenna said...

you MUST email me. would love to know where/how/what/etc you're up to!