Saturday, May 7, 2011

a guest post from a little birdie

My parents call my sister, Neely, "Bird." The following is her tribute to our mom on Mother's Day.


...she'll pack a picnic for anything including the time she drove with me to jefferson city so that i could take a licensing exam.
...she'll buy you a commercial-sized air conditioner if you need a fan.
...she's madly intentional about some things in her life and maddeningly unintentional about others. it makes me feel normal.
...she let me drink NA beer* in high school and would occasionally buy six packs of the NA beer for me because i really preferred the taste of beer over soda. Still do.
...she threw caution in the wind and encouraged me to travel to foreign lands in high school and college. now we get to trust in the Lord as she lives overseas.
...she allowed us to watch the best of the 80s movies: Annie, Private Eyes, Mr. Mom, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Working Woman, Baby Boom, Trading Places; name it, we watched it, and we still quote it.
...she always, always believed in my ability to be a tiger lady at the office, but listens to me cry on my worst days without judgment in the path chosen for me in corporate life.
...she loves well her three, very different, daughters, differently.
...she loves our dad and you can still see that i-treasure-you-twinkle in her blue eyes when she looks at him.**
...she love her Lord, Jesus Christ, above all things.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom-A-La!

*for those of you wondering what NA beer is, it's non-alcoholic!
** yes!!! good call, neely!

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Sarah said...

I don't know how I missed this..obviously did not go back far enough. I hear Tamara's laugh as I read both of these enjoyable...both her & the posts. I laughed out loud at the NA beer & the AC. Neely! Thanks for sharing!