Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Birthday "Mi" Guy!

Well, yesterday marked Miles' 5th birthday! We had a great time. He woke up to the birthday tradition! A balloon and SUGAR cereal!!! This is a tradition we started in our family when Avery turned four. Just for fun, I wrapped up a box of generic Lucky Charms . He had so many cool gifts that year, but what got the biggest reaction was the box of no-name cereal. So, about 10 pm the night before Miles' birthday, I sent Brent out to get a balloon and cereal. It was too late to pick up a balloon from the dollar store, so we thought Lunds would have the best selection. Well, we don't go to Lunds and it had no birthday boy balloons. But, Brent bought one anyway. I was so annoyed at what he came home with, but I'm actually thankful now, because it took this blahg and made it a blog.

Here he is admiring the cake he helped to make and frost!

As one friend said, "it's never to early to instill a sense of mortality."

All in all, it was a good day. I'm so grateful for this guy. He is so creative. Here's just a few more pics of a little scene he created all on his own with sheets of craft foam earlier today. The black thing is the sky with the moon hanging in it. The blue thing is a house with windows. It has a backyard with a white fence. I know it doesn't look so amazing, but I enjoy his mind so much, that I had to share.


Molly said...

I could not stop laughing at that balloon!

grandma said...

Happy Birthday, Miles. What a wonderful day you must of had.Sorry I couldn't be there, but you were in my thoughts. Much Love.

Proud Parents said...

i was going to leave another comment, but now my comment must be "whatever he (crescenet) said"
Kim VG

Ramona Lisa said...

Great photos! By the way, you are officially "tagged." Check my blog to see what that means!

Anonymous said...

Jenna! I was looking through your old blogs and absolutely loved this post because that's what we used to do for birthdays when I was little. After months of bran flakes, getting to eat Cocoa Puffs once a year (or on my sibling's birthdays) was the BEST.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that last comment was from Katie Tipton. :)