Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our Trip to St. Louis

Well, Avery had a few days off of school and so we decided to take a trip back to the old stomping grounds of "the Lou'". Yes, it was the only time we had in the next six months to get to St. Louis. This is such an exciting trip for our family because it feels like half our hearts are there. Our friends, our Nana and Pop Pop, free Zoo, free Science Center, Lion's Choice Roast beef sandwiches, 10 cent ice cream cones, Donut Palace and more! So, it's not that hard for the boys to endure a 10 hour road trip when they know what's at the other end of the ride. Unfortunately, our camera did not make the haul. Fortunately, Joy Bidner (of the St. Louis Bidners), took some great pics I'd like to share.

The Pumpkin Wasteland at Rombachs! It looks cool and smells like it's the end of pumpkin picking season!

Our Donut Palace Tradition!

Kids at Bidner's Farm

The FAB Four!!!

Ava finally gets to hold Baby Girl Scheetz!!!

Well, if I write anymore, I'll be officially neglecting my children. Oh the irony. FYI, you don't have to be a registered blogger to comment anymore. No more passwords to remember. Blessings to you all!


Molly said...

I totally know what you mean about half your heart being somewhere else. My parents and family are 14 hours away, and there are just things in Erie that don't EXIST here--cream-filled donuts, deep-fried soft pretzels, 50 cent movies at the cheap theater on Tuesdays, our favorite fish and chips place, etc. There are things we just have to do when we go there. Welcome back to the other half of your heart.

Proud Parents said...

You just had to rub in the whole "donut palace" thing, didn't you? Apple fritter anyone. Kim VG (as if you didn't know who was writing this)