Monday, March 23, 2009

conversations with the kids

Miles: Sometimes, I imagine I'm one of the disciples following Jesus, but then I get scared when I imagine him coming out of the tomb looking like a mummy.

Me: uhhh...He didn't look like a mummy.

Miles: I know. It's just what a imagine.



Jillian: humenna boff. humenna war.

Me: You wanna take a bath with water?

Jillian (giggling): yeeahh!


Avery (on the way to small group): Will Andy be there tonight?

Me: Not sure.

Avery (sounding whiter than ever): If he's there, that'll be tight.

(So that's what you're learning at school. I was wondering...)


Jenny said...

LOVE these.

Especially hummena boff, hummena war.

Anonymous said...

now this, THIS is what I read for. Your blog is so tight.