Saturday, March 21, 2009

hypothetical letter from a blog reader

Dear Jenna,

What the heck? Where have you been? For the first week, I thought you must have had a carbon monoxide leak in your home or something. But, then I saw that you're still out there commenting on blogs. So, you're alive, but you're not blogging? C'mon?!

What have you been doing??? I mean, in this time, you haven't even had a bloggable conversation with Miles and Avery? What about a picture? No?

What kind of mother doesn't even have some good blog-worthy pictures?

Whatever you do, please, please, please, do not make me look at the word "mousecapades" ever again. That's just rude. No. It's more than rude. It's a form of torture.

If you ever, EVER, want me to enjoy your blog again, you're going to actually write something interesting. Or, give me a link. I could take a link. It's gone that far. Just link me to something funny or provocative or inspiring.

No pressure.

With deep concern for your floundering blog,

A. Blog Reader


Allison Dillard said...

Too funny! So great to see you this week---glad you made it home OK. I wish you were still a mile away.

Jenna said...

yes, people, i snuck into st. louis for a wee little trip, laid low, and spent most of my time with my parents. i wished i could have been more social, but the planning and energy were just not there! next time? i sure hope so!

Anonymous said...

and you call yourself a blogger.
but you're right. mousecapades was getting depressing.

Kim said...

Funny I feel like you took the words right out of my mouth. Happy B-day yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Yep. I was going to say the same thing. I was beginning to wonder. Glad the mousecapades are further down the page, although they were quite humorous.

I'm glad you were able to visit St. Louis without having to run around to see everybody. Maybe next time you can plan it around a softball game, for old time's sake. That's assuming Brent is along for the ride, of course.

Hope you had a nice trip, and also enjoyed your apple fritter.


danielle said...

thank the LORD you wrote the letter so we didn't have to. and yes, i never want to see the word mousecapades again! although it was a funny story.

Jenna said...

operative word: was

Greta said...

Funny, I think I got the same letter too.

Fans...they're so demanding.