Friday, September 25, 2009

confession: i'm drinking the coupon kool-aid and loving it!

It's true. I have plunged into the depths of the couponing underworld. It'''s a phase for now and I'm enjoying it while it's fun. Thanks so Jenny at A Latte Talk for inspiring me.

Are there any fellow coupon lovers out there? Here's a test for you:


1. Much of Friday you think, "Just ONE more day before I can get the early edition of the Sunday paper!"

2. Every time your two-year-old sees a scrap of paper, she says, "Yook Mama, a pookon."

3. You have a minimum of 10 boxes of cereal...which you either got for free or got for mere tuppence!

4. You're more inclined to take pictures of your groceries than your children.

5. You are unashamedly talking about the pleasures of couponing on your blog...or you abandon your blog altogether for the joy of clipping and grocery shopping.

What else???


Jen said...

Have you discovered It's like the Trifecta of coupon clipping. The lady does all the work for you, telling you where to get the coupons, how to double them and maximize your savings. Pretty cool.

Freckles said...

Confession: After the farmers market I take photos of my produce, send it to my husband with the $ of what it cost because I am proud of my thriftyness.

Melissa said...

couponing seems to be overwhelming. is it? and could you mentor me in your thriftyness?

Jenny said...

I have infected you with a grave disease indeed.

But it's so FUN!

Mandy said...

So hilarious! Sounds just like me. I don't know the last time I bought Kashi cereal. Or dish soap. Or laundry detergent. Or toothpaste.

And I so love it when the boys bringing me "coo-pons."


Anonymous said...

I am so glad my wife drank the kool-aid. Pookons save us crazy money. You should add some more things to your list:
6. The cashier at the drugstore knows your name and asks you what's on sale this week. (Tara has some friends at Rite Aid lately)
7. You refuse to pay full price for anything ever again. (I asked Tara to get me some deoderant - a NECESSITY - and she asks if I can wait until it's on sale or she has some coupons. I said no. She bought it anyway, but I am sure it was painful.)
8. Your husband knows what P&G, Smart Source, and Red Plum are. (Cause I do.)

Anonymous said...

And out of curiosity, I checked, and we have 4 unopened boxes of Cheerios. 1 person in our house eats them and she can't even say pookon yet.
(Word verification is "boonizat" - which sounds like something I would call someone as a term of endearment. Hey boonizat.)

James said...

#3 is my guilty coupon pleasure. I don't even want to count the boxes we have in the basement. Keep bringing Pati along on your double coupon days at Rainbow!

The McAlpine Family said...

I use coupons as well. My mom taught me this way of life early on. I usually rotate where I grocery shop for the week based on which store has the best coupons. I try not to multi-store shop in one day/week if I don't have to. It pays to stay organized. I finally got this little accordian, plastic organier for them at Target. I put them in order of expiration date by month. Otherwise, I have found too many coupons can expire before I even re-find them. Or the one downfall of couponing is that sometimes I am temped to by needless things I wouldn't usually buy. In that case, even if it is a deal, it's still spending money on something I wouldn't usually get! I do know one trick too....if you ever shop at Cub Foods, check over your receipt when you get home....this rule actually applies for just about any store. I can't believe how many mistakes my mom has caught by rechecking. But anyways....if you find a mistake on a Cub receipt, they'll refund the whole amount and give you item for free! Sorry, my comment is becoming a whole blog post. Like the Title by the way. Clint uses that saying often for things at his work! HA!

Tara said...

Jenna, I know you commented ages ago on my blog about whether I just do CVS or other things, too. I was rude & didn't answer your question until last night. But I finally blogged about what all I do. Just wanted to let you know.

#4 & #5 have also been true for me lately. Ben asked me yesterday why I've been taking so few pictures of MER. So sad!!