Sunday, September 13, 2009

what was a brain dump became a school update

1. Howdy peeps! When I haven't written a post in awhile I get the same feeling as when I miss church. I come back and think, "Where have you all been??" oh. that's right. I was the one who was gone. yep. That's how I feel right now.

2. It's official. Summer is over. In Minneapolis, they shut down the pools BEFORE Labor Day. Oh, and just so you know, they open them WEEKS AFTER Memorial Day. I would have grumbled and complained about this, but for the fact that it wasn't even hot enough to actually go swimming. Speaking of cool weather, I saw some Canadian Geese in a V-formation flying south today and felt like an idiot for living here. But, really...I do love it.

3. Actually, I REALLY love it here. Even though we're politically in the minority, I feel like I fit here more than I've ever fit anywhere in my life. Have I ever told you that I get teary-eyed when I see the skyline after I've been out of town? It really feels like home in this frozen tundra.

4. Oh yeah...back to my original (although not even touched on!) point from #2. Summer is over... in terms of school! The boys are in school. And guess what?! We're all pretty happy with it. Did I tell you we switched schools? Did I tell you that we were going to homeschool? No? Here's the story:

For various reasons, in February of this year, we felt like it was time for a change of school. As I had done for the last two years, I applied hopelessly for the charter school of my dreams. Kids get in based on a lottery system. (But, once they're in, they're in. It seems obvious to me, but it's a common question.) So, we revisited the home school possibility. After reading some helpful books and having some really insightful conversations, we decided "YES!" home schooling is the way to go! But, dun-duh-duhhhhn!!!! The next day we were VERY surprised to find out that Baby Scheetz #4 existed. I waffled back and forth for a month about the home schooling decision. I know other people do this newborn/homeschool thing with success. They are amazing. But, I couldn't...and I found out eventually that I didn't have to because, BOTH BOYS GOT INTO THE SCHOOL BY LOTTERY (aka God's sovereign will!)!!!! So. As you might have figured out, this was a HUGE relief. Did I mention that our great friends and neighbors attend the same school? Yeah. That's right: instant carpool! And, did I mention that MANY families from my church attend this PUBLIC school? Yep. It's awesome. Public school. Classical Education. Lots of Christian families. Uniforms. And, after one week, my first grader is talking about the Fertile Crescent. And my third grader is taking Latin. I'm in love.

4. Dang. That was long. I'll do you a favor and stop writing. But first, I'll leave you with a few pictures. I hope to have part deux posted soon!

I said, "I know it's bright...just close your eyes and on the count of three open your eyes." And then this is what my boys did. See Corene? Yep. She opened her eyes. Now, look at what Avery and Miles did (or did not!). I was pretty convinced I did something this past Summer to make my boys stupid. (stop with your, awww...don't say that...look at the picture. they look d-u-m, dumb.)

That's my boy. My little man. The first one who called me Mama. I just love him!!!

Here's a sweet one. I love, love, love uniforms. They're just so adorable!!!


Freckles said...

Absolutely adorable! I cannot believe how grown up Avery is and how your family has multiplied! I remember when Avery was in his blue sleeper on Nantucket Lane and it was just him, you and Brent. Goodness!

Freckles said...

I will also never forget the green carpet.

(I am so glad everything has worked out with the school thing ;-) It sounds fabulous!)

tiffany said...

cute! they do look so studious! oh, i love uniforms too....and now we get em too. :)

Marty said...

Wow. I can't believe your boys! Somehow uniforms just really up the ante. Is that the way to say it? Well done.

Karla said...

Your boys look so grown up!

And uniforms are so sharp. They really simplify things, don't they?

The school they are going to sounds wonderful. Praise the Lord!

Sarah said...

seriously got teary-eyed at the bottom pic...just love those nobby knees. I LOVE LOVE what God has done. I'm crazy about how He moved and got your boys in. And your statement about how you thought you did something to your boys this summer to make them dumb made me laugh out loud!! LOVEYOU!

Nelson said...

I'm a uniform lover too! I've gotten to see your two Nova cuties a couple times -- Miles and Kobe have lockers right next to each other and Shae says Avery is one of the best kickball players at recess. Hope you girls are doing well...

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! How have I not read this sweet post?!!! GREAT pictures! HI-larious picture of the boys trying (NOT) not (NOT) to squint. HARDEEHARHAR.

That's my little rule follower, opening her eyes. Way to go, Corene. Poor boys. It WAS really bright.