Friday, November 20, 2009

i like to know what i'm eating

I was looking through recipes when it occurred to me that I don't like recipe titles that include the word "surprise". To me, "surprise" in this context is a euphemism for "you'll never guess what freaky ingredient is in this!!!"

So, when I read Golden Potato Surprise in the Taste of Home mass email dealio, my mind translated it to Potatoes That You Would NOT Eat if You Only Knew the Truth!!!

Incidentally, when I actually looked at it, this recipe did not have any freaky ingredients.


neely said...

surprise is to recipes what nice is to compliments.

Jenna said...

agreed...also makes me think of "interesting" as a "compliment"

Andie said...

Speaking of weird recipe names, it reminds me of a Lutheran cookbooks I received to help me learn to cook in college. My favorite? Cheesy Walnut Burgers.
:) mmm mmm good.

(actually I never tried it)

Other favorite words in recipe names
"Zippy" and "Zingy"