Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hello out there (quiet echo) hello out there...(repeat echo even more quietly...)

My Mom called today, following up on letters she wrote to the boys, wondering how they liked them. A friend called and asked the other day, "Was the meal I brought okay?" Last night, my friend Allison called and stated quickly, "Just need a health report."

So, yeah. I have had major communication fail these days.

So, the last post was the day before the FLU--yes the FLU, and maybe THE Flu--hit our home. Wow. Phoebe wasn't even a week old, and we had fevers of 105, puking and lung-convulsing coughs in our home. lovely.

So, yeah. That's where I've been. So far, Brent, Phoebe and I have NOT gotten sick. Jillian still has sniffles and a nasty cough. She's heard everything from, "Cover your cough with your arm," to "Go cough in that room," to "Honey, if Phoebe gets your cough, she'll die." (I don't have a reputation for my tact, k?)

Here's some brain dumpage on one general topic: Changes

1. My hair. A.) What the heck has happened to it? Is it my age? A fourth pregnancy? It's fuzzy and stringy at the same time. It totally requires the use of a flat iron. B.) I'm actually willing to take time to do my hair. Up to this point, I've required THE lowest hair maintenance of ANYONE I know. Seriously. I DON'T OWN A BOTTLE OF HAIRSPRAY. I do have a spray that is used for flat-ironing. And it's getting used. Even with all the newborn/flu stuff going on, taking time for my hair (so that I don't scare the children) has become necessary.

2. Newborn fingernails. While we're on the subject of personal hygiene, I'd like to mention that I trimmed Phoebe's super long nails the day we came home from the hospital. None of this emery board silliness. I think that's just one difference between Jenna2000 and Jenna2009. I'm using nail clippers on my newborn dang it.

3. Before I had the baby, I thought I was nesting because of all that cleaning I was doing. No. I think I'm just a changed woman. I think that having SIX members of our family in a small home has made me a freak about keeping a clean home. There is simply no time, nay...there is NO ROOM for crumbs, mess, dirty dishes, GERMS and so on. In fact, that's another reason it's hard to sit down and write. I could be cleaning right now. so tempting...

4. How many times can I tell you how much I love the boys' new school??? Huge change. I LOVE IT! I NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER thought I'd be satisfied with a school. So glad I was wrong.

5. Change. me not make sentences very good. That's how I feel when I talk to people these days. I left the most awkward voice mail yesterday. Make that (at least)
two awkward voice mails. I actually got feedback from one friend that I sounded DRUGGED. nice. I'm not even on ibuprofen, people. I feel like a schmuck that I've dropped the ball and hardly called or facebooked or emailed anyone. But, me not make sentences very good. I'll get better soon. Perhaps when I get a four hour stretch of sleep, okay?

I'll write this quickly (because I'm delusional if I think I'll get it done any other way in the next 48 hours):

I have LOVED getting packages in the mail! Thank you, A & W, Mom and Dad, Carol, Mom #2, Priscilla & Dave and Joy & fam! (I probably missed someone!)

Also, we have LOVED every meal that has been dropped off! Ah-MAZE-ING, people. Delish.

This is not to replace official Thank Yous. I have actual thank you notes I want to send, but in the meantime, just know that we love our gifts and not only have the meals NOURISHED us, they've tasted delish-y-oso!

Ending post abruptly (it's "publish" now or never, friends!!)
pictures coming soon...


Greta said...

Here I sit, shocked, amazed, and impressed that you even got this post out!

HATE that y'all had the flu...bleh. Thankful that it's on its way out though - and praise God that Phoebe didn't get it.

tiffany said...

you made me laugh. could i expect anything less? :) was i one of the "awkward voice mails?" i wouldn't call it awkward, just long. but i think mine to you was long too. one of these days we'll talk to each other in real life. maybe i'll call you now....or when i'm at carpool. i TOTALLY understand the communication thing. i've been horrible at it too with everyone these past two weeks. still can't wait to meet phoebe!

Mandy said...

We have the flu right now too! It sounds just like you guys. Praying for recovery and that the rest of you guys avoid it!

neely said...

thanks for the BD! we miss you!

Jenna said...

yes, tiffany, you were one. felt like i was high on crack when i was leaving it.

mandy, I KNOW! hang in there, preggers!!!

neely, miss you, too! feels like we've been laying low for a year!

greta, i haven't been watching sytycd. you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenna,

Thank you so much for the update! I have been wondering if you or Brent got the flu but didn't want to keep calling and be a pest! Thank GOD above that you and Brent and Phoebe stayed healthy!! Poor A, M & J :(! I felt so badly for you last week! DO NOT WRITE THANK YOU NOTES! Your post was detailed, hilarious, all encompassing, etc. Nobody expects thank you notes! Just enjoy Phoebe and your family - and whatever sleep you can get! So glad you love their school! Stay healthy! Thinking about you guys all the time! Love, Joy

Dawn S. said...

So sorry you guys had cruddy stuff in your home, esp. when Phoebe was such a newbie. Can't wait to meet her. I have already met Tiffany's addition! When will I see ya?

I can't make good talk either. I wonder if I will ever be able to remember anything anymore as well. Jenny keeps laughing at me because she has never seen me like this!

Blessings on you and yours!! xoxox