Thursday, October 22, 2009

two good answers

So, while Brent was out at the grocery store with Jillian last night, I asked the boys,

"Does my belly look smaller yet?"

Avery: "Yeah! It looks a lot smaller."
Miles: "No...(long pause) wasn't that big to begin with."


Carol said...

Smart boys! Two very good answers, but I'm sure it's true!

Melissa said...

niice. training them well!

Greta said...

Your boys rock. I think I'll let my boys read your blog or tips later in life.

Jen said...

Wow. That was gutsy to ask them!

Jenna said...

hey jen,
was that pun intended??? gutsy??


anyways, i didn't really care about their answer...just was talking out loud...don't have many full length mirrors in the house.

actually, the other day, i called my sis at work to get approval for an outfit. i described what i was wearing and where i was going and said, "YOU are my full length mirror. how do i look?"

Karla Anne said...

Your boys are keepers. :)

Jenny said...


Sarah said...

Good boys....and really...from what I recall, you drop like 35 lbs in 48 hours...I'm sure they see a difference. ;) I wanna bring you quiche.