Monday, October 12, 2009

being self-absorbed led to this belated birthday wish!

Okay. So, ALL day yesterday, I thought, "I want to have the baby today, because it's Aunt Carol's birthday!"

The day came and went with no labor or delivery.

The day came and went without even a BIRTHDAY CALL TO AUNT CAROL!!!

Oh. My. Goodness. Could I have been more self-absorbed????

Dearest Aunt Carol,

You are the coolest! You remember all of our birthdays AND faithfully remember our anniversary!!! You send care packages. We always feel so loved by you!!! The boys consistently mention how, even though you are their GREAT aunt, you are SO YOUNG! (It's true.) You are so tender and sweet and we love your constant smile.

I am SO SORRY that we didn't even CALL yesterday. Honestly, I promise, we were thinking of you all day!

Thanks for putting up with us!

We love you to pieces!!!


Alice said...

I don't know Aunt Carol, but this post made me laugh! It's totally something that I would do. I've been stalking your blog this past week, hoping for a baby post. It'll come soon! It's a race down to the wire . . .will it be Jenna? Or Tiffany? Have that baby so you can bring her to bookclub!! :)

Aunt Carol said...

Oh my gosh, what a perfect birthday treat as I'm tearing up reading this! Jenna, you are so precious. I love Brent for marrying you:))(I'm so thankful God brought you into our family!)Love,love love those sweet boys, & the sweeeeet things they say.:):) Just LOVE those action shots! SO photogenic. This bottom picture is new to me.:) Now please pop that baby out SOON. :)

Dee said...

Praying that this blog silence means good baby news. Praying for a quick, safe delivery.