Thursday, October 8, 2009

thoughts at 39 weeks pregz

1. Do you know why I love Avery the most? (Okay, I don't really have a favorite, but I did for about five minutes this morning.) On the way to school today, he said, "You don't look pregnant enough to have the baby."

2. I am still in shock and denial that I'm pregnant.

3. The last thought is somewhat surprising because, wow, I have gained a lot of weight, I can hardly breathe, and I have one outfit that I like to wear.

4. I don't like blogging about pregnancy, because it feels insensitive to those who would really, really like to be pregnant right now. At the same time, it's a major reality for me. I'm torn.

5. If I should go another 24 hours pregnant, this will be the longest pregnancy I have experienced. That's right. I've never had to go the full 40 weeks before.

6. I thought that I'd get an epidural this time, because I've had back labor (read: hell-on-earth-kind-of-pain) during the last two deliveries. But, I'm truly freaked out by the needle going into my back. We'll see.

7. I've had three children before. I can't imagine having a newborn. Figure that one out.

8. I have not set up the baby bed or fully packed a hospital bag. denial, denial, denial...

9. I am most tired between 4 and 6:30 p.m. I can make dinner, but I feel like I'm in a waking coma at the table.

10. Did you know I make nursing covers?? (of course.) Yeah, I haven't made one for myself. Maybe I should do that.

11. Most common question: Have you named the baby? Honest Answer: Not really. In fact, we've never named a baby officially before they were born.

12. This is the coldest weather that I've had to endure during a third trimester. Miles was born in October. But that was in St. Louis. Generally, there aren't forecasts for flurries in St. Louis in October. I don't have a maternity coat. It's cold.

13. It's really hard to have a positive tone when you're this pregnant. That's another reason I haven't blogged much. I kinda just feel grumpy and don't want to subject you (too often, anyway) to this negativity.

14. I think we can attribute #13 to LACK OF SLEEP.

15. Please don't say, "That prepares you for baby." It doesn't. There is NOTHING that can prepare ANYONE for a newborn...except for previous experience. It is generally easier every time, depending on the health of baby and mom.

16. Did I mention that Jillian doesn't nap anymore. It sucks. It really, really sucks. I am also in denial about this. I still put her in her crib and say, "night night," and just let her deal for awhile. Eventually, her chit-chat turns into, "MOM!!! MOM!!! I mot a cacker! MOMMMMM! I'm ah done. Come hAre!!!" oh brother. Lord, help me. It's more mind-numbing to hear fussiness through a monitor than in person. Amen??

17. If I give birth this weekend, Jenny W. or Jenny R. better bring me some Sunday papers. I still want to clip coupons!!! ;-)

18. I decided about a month ago, that I'll deliver the baby October 9. That's tomorrow. The doctor and baby are not aware of this decision. And God didn't necessarily agree to this plan either. hm.

19. I started a sewing project for someone a LONG time ago. I'm convinced that God loves this person so much that he won't let me go into labor until it's done. I'm gonna try to get it done tonight.

20. Jillian is yelling "MAMA!!! I am AH! DONE!" Better go. Good news is that Brent called earlier to say, "Don't make dinner. I'll take care of it." THANK YOU, BRENT!!!


Melissa said...

anytime you get silent on the internet (ie don't twitter, blog or facebook) I always wonder if you are having a baby.

praying for you!

ps-as an epidural evangelist--go for it. it is heavenly. just sayin'

Allison Dillard said...

I am praying for you and this sweet little one---can't wait to hear the news. Epidural!!!!! You won't regret it! Love you!

Karla Anne said...


You are so funny! 39 weeks, already?

I will be praying for a safe and smooth delivery. Can't wait to hear the name! Sarah had better keep me posted....

Greta said...

I love your posts. Do you know that?
Avery, you rock.
Clothes suck. I think I had 2 shirts and one pair of pants that I wanted to wear for a good while post-baby.
Have you not had an epidural before???
I think your boys should get the baby bed put together TONIGHT. The baby probably isn't coming b/c she knows her bed isn't ready ;).
Amen to #15. I think I'll wear a shirt with something to that effect on it if I get pregnant again.
Jillian - sleep girl, sleep!

Jenny said...

October 9th, baby.

Better start bumping down those stairs!!! :)

I got your back re: Sunday papers. I'm on it.

Anonymous said...

Jenna, you rock. It's October 9th. If you can hold off until tomorrow your baby can share a birthday with my dad...and more importantly, Brett Favre.

Epidural x 4
Regret about epidural x 0
Elation about childbirth WITH epidural x 1,000,000.

Take care, girly.
--jen berge

Carol said...

Praying for you Jenna & Brent & A, M,& J. Can't wait to hear. I'm hoping for Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all - especially that you will have the sense to get the epidural! Tara described her birth experience post-epidural as "fun."

Sarah said...

So did the little one make an appearance? As Melissa wrote, anytime you go silent, we wonder... Praying all is going well with the family.

Jenna said...

nope, no baby yet. but, i did make a super sweet nursing cover. i'll try not to wait long before giving news!!!

Sarah said...

I'm so glad this numbered up to 20 instead of 10...good stuff. I laughed out loud thinking about your friend bringing you the paper...picturing you sitting up in a hospital bed, breathing through contractions and clipping. OOOOh...that Jillian...I'd love to see what she is doing up there while she is "resting." I can't believe she is not tired enough to sleep but then again...Maryn did the same thing to me around the same time...1 out of 7 days she would crash...and there were her tuckered brothers STILL napping. You know I keep my cell next to my bed right??? No matter what time...I'd be THRILLED to hear from you!!!