Sunday, October 11, 2009

okay. i'm ready. c'mon baby!

So, the hospital bag is mostly packed.

The baby bed is set up.

The nursing cover is made.

The windows are washed, the floor is scrubbed, the laundry is caught up.

The wardrobe is truly dwindling.

The--I'm not kidding--shopping lists for double coupon Wednesday are set.

I've run out of things to keep me busy.

Wait...I see a smudge on the mirror and some lint on the wood floors--see ya! Gotta keep cleaning....

And, don't worry, Mom! I'll call you when I go into labor. And, you blogger buddies, you'll get an update as soon as I'm able. You ARE my BFFs (bloggie friends forever!).


Anonymous said...


I am SO IMPRESSED! How did you get all of that done with THREE children??!! Keep us posted! Our prayers are constantly being sent up! Can't wait to hear the news about Baby Scheetz #4 :)!! Love, Joy P.S. Epidurals are Heaven-Sent :)

Danielle said...


Kelly said...

You are too funny! Praying for a patient heart as you wait. Amen to the epidural!

jenny rigney said...

What do you mean you have run out of things to do? I have a list of things I need you to do for me.


Karla Anne said...

Isn't that nesting instinct crazy? (in a good way)

Can't wait to hear the great news!

Sarah said...

such a foggy memory of visiting you in St. John's after Miles...and to think this upcoming delivery is 2 babies away from that experience! I can't wait to hear the name...whether you said "yes" to the needle...and the weight! So great to hear you feel like you are getting things done too!! AH! I was I was there!! We'd eat pie after finding all of those dust bunnies!

Freckles said...

sooo excited!!! I keep checking everyday to see if you have posted! Huge hugs!