Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the good the bad and the ugly pavlova

the good. (i think i baked this one a little longer)

the bad (real ugly)

they both tasted fine with whipped cream and strawberries. mm-mm-mmmm.

if you've never made pavlova, do yourself a favor and get on it! goes very well with summer strawberries! and i've heard it's good with kiwi. (is there a season for kiwi?)


Amanda McAlpine said...

Hmm..sounds good..I'll have to google it. Never heard of it. I love recipe suggestions!

Marty said...

I made a pavlova during a tornado warning with no air conditioning. Joel tried a bite and said, "Yum. What is this? Marshmallows?"

Don't think I've made it again.