Monday, September 13, 2010

three things i'm doing

When it gets to be a month between blog posts, I forget how to gather my thoughts. I have no idea where to start. I can hardly type. I can't remember where we left off. And, quite honestly, I haven't written a blog post for MONTHS. The last month and a half of posts were all set up one night when I was feeling prolific or something.

So, in an effort to make posting less Mount Everestish to me, I'll limit myself to three things. I'm going to try this little exercise everyday for a week. (And announcing that I'm setting out to do this simple task will sufficiently cause me to fail. Commitment issues and what not.)

Here goes nothin'...

1. I'm getting ready for a garage sale. I could say so many things about how elusive this garage sale fantasy is (I've been talking about it for MONTHS) or how purging your house makes you realize wonder if you're a hoarder (seriously!) or how I have such admiration for people who can whip out a garage sale like it's a boxed cake or something (it's flippin' hard!), but I don't have much time (I have a GARAGE SALE TO PLAN, yo!). So, I'll just say this: throwing a garage sale makes me feel vulnerable because people can come by and look at the stuff that I've lived with for all these years or clothes that I've worn (or maybe I didn't...) and it's like WAY marked down and they can still just totally reject me it. (And already I'm thinking defensively, "But, this is the stuff that I DON'T want! It's like the OPPOSITE of me!!") I'm just saying that this is an exercise in humility. So, basically I'm doing it to humble myself. And get rid of stuff. And get some greenbacks. Or not. Can we call this $anctification?

2. Second thing I'm doing? I'm pretty much soaking in every minute that I can of having an infant. Phoebe turns one in a month and that depresses me. (Being pregnant with another would depress me more, so don't get any ideas!) She's changing FAST. She loves to say "da da" and "sss" and she points and stands and dances (avery taught her!) and spits on cue (avery taught her that too!) and sometimes says "ma ma" and crawls so fast and shakes her head "no" and nods to say "yes" and signs and screams (really, really loud.). Oh, and her hair has gone from black to light.


And look at her dancing!

3. This is cheap, but the third thing I'm doing is getting to bed earlier these days. Like, much earlier. So, with that said...Goodnight stars. Goodnight air. Goodnight noises everywhere.


Greta said...

Oy, garage sales.
Last one I was a part of was when I piggy-backed on my super-organized friend's sale. It was great. I had a lot of bigger ticket items so while I sold fewer things than she did, I made as much if not a little more.

Also, the dancing with the djimba(?) or is it a bongo? Whatever type of percussion...I love it!

Laurie said...

Dear Jenna,
I pray for meadow and prairie soft
rolling hills, not mountains, as prayers and blessings float through sweet dreams!
And I pray for a good gathering of thoughts whether those thoughts are printed or not!

Carol said...

Phoebe definitely has the beat!! So cute!