Tuesday, September 14, 2010

three (more or less) trips

Okay, so it's quite ridiculous that I haven't written about the summer at all. Well, it would be except for the fact that the summer was so incredibly insane that there was no spare minute to just sit and reflect or share or anything. So, I'll have to backtrack...

1. [attempted] Trip to St. Louis #1. We were all going to drive down together to pillage my parents' home because they were moving (and now have moved) to Romania. But, the day before we were to leave, Jillian started ralphing all over the place. Within the first two hours of spewing, we changed plans and the next day Brent flew there with our brother-in-law, Steve. They had a great albeit short visit with my folks and brought back a big honkin' truckload of furniture. Neely and I were especially interested in furniture that our Dad made so it was pretty sweet that our husbands made the haul!

2. East Coast Whirlwind Tour!! We roadtripped it hard in August. All I'm going to say right now is that we drove over 3500 miles in two weeks. We covered 15 states (I think) in 15 days. And we saw LOTS of friends and family. I told Brent last night that I wish we could do the whole trip again, but with double the time. I simply LOVED it. I'll write more about it soon!

3. We arrived home from the East coast trip late on a Saturday night. The following Friday, my parents had a Bon Voyage party in St. Louis. Having just missed two weeks, Brent could not go. And I did not trust myself to drive all four kids to St. Louis. With Miles and Jillian farmed out to loving friends, Phoebe, Avery and I piled back in the van (which had not been de-vacationed) to bring love and well wishes from the north. We will miss my folks immensely, but we trust the Lord is in charge and knows best.

So, there's a little of what we did. What did YOU do this summer? I want to know three things!


Danielle said...

1. Minneapolis for Molly's shower
2. Photographed weddings (awesome sauce)
3. Just under 4,000 miles in 10 days through the NE, Nova Scotia (the scotsh), Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Quebec.

Greta said...

1. Ate, grew and sweated. (that could be my 3 but it seems like cheating).
2. 15 hour drive from AL to PA to visit grandparents (thankfully split over 2 days going and coming.
3. Week long beach trip spent potty training Sam. A sacrifice but in the end, a good trade-off.

Jenna said...

so far, all participants (me included) spent some time in PA. that's something.

Carla said...

Jenna I think your summer was more fun than mine ; )

Can't wait to hear more details about the road trip.

My list:

1)Finished my dissertation and became a PhD
2)Moved out of Columbia, MO which I was really beginning to doubt would ever happen (and started new job!)
3) Became a mother for the first time (well technically I just got pregnant but still)

tiffany said...

1. funeral
2. funeral
3. wedding

yours was much more interesting.

and once again about that garage sale....next year! :)

Jenna said...

the dissertation ALONE made for a crazy exciting summer! huge.

ugh. i think about your cousin's family a lot! and i pray for your aunt and uncle!

Christy Daigle said...

1. Went to 20 dr. appointments with 3 children BY MYSELF, plus 2 infusions and 1 hospital stay
2. Planted my first ever garden
3. Grew a baby

Karla Anne said...

*did homeschooling paperwork, turned it in, made plans for this year, ordered books, etc....

*tried to savor every summer moment, even the annual local fair I've been to since childhood

*finally got to meet you and your sweet family face-to-face!

Anonymous said...

1. Enjoyed lots of time at the pool!

2. Drove the 4 kids, by myself, to PA to visit Christy. They did great! Unfortunately, she had to leave 2 days after we got there (her mom had cancer and took a turn for the worst.) All part of God's plan, but we were bummed.

3. Had to avoid the pool (and showers) during 2 of the hottest weeks of the summer. Lauren broke the TIP of her finger and had her entire hand in a cast. :-( At least it wasn't during winter, having to deal with long sleeves and coats.

Miss you.
Lori S.