Thursday, September 16, 2010

three pictures from day one of the east coast tour

First stop: Ella's Deli in Madison, WI

This is Miles in front of some miniature carnival looking thing. The entire restaurant is packed with antique animated toy decor. It feels like the catch-all for all the retired toys from Santa's workshop.

Jillian had just ridden on the carousel they have out front. Ice cream + carousel = pre-meltdown joy!

See that milkshake? It was good, but it wasn't served with extra milkshake in a stainless steel cup. And it was almost $6, if I remember correctly. So, that was a disappointment, but nothing could really bring us down this early on in the trip.


Alice H said...

I must comment. Ella's Deli in Madison was a place I stopped at periodically throughout my childhood on the way to summer camp. I remember it fondly. Then we decided to take Elliot there when he was a young lad and could easily be entertained by the tightrope walking figures and constant movement of everything in the deli. We ordered lunch. I don't remember how long it took but it took FOREVER. All the entertainment of this place actually was not enough to keep him entertained, the wait was so long. So we determined on our next visit, we'd just pick up ice cream cones in the entryway and call that good. Needless to say we still haven't returned and the twins don't even know it exists. How's that for a walk down memory lane?!

Molly said...

I'm so glad you're putting up pictures from the trip!! YAY!