Friday, September 17, 2010

three pictures from day two of the east coast tour

Can you guess where we were for the first two nights? No guesses from the natives! That would be cheating!

Clue #1
This doesn't help you much, unless you can recognize those legs pushing the stroller! There are at least two cool things about this picture. One, we were walking to church. I wish I could walk to church from our home. Two, the pastor of this particular church went to our church here in Minneapolis for a short while! Oh, duh! Three cool things: look at the sweet stroller!

Clue #2
Look familiar? Been here? Or, should I say BEAN here?

Clue #3
Total giveaway for many of you, I'm sure!


James said...

Is that Chicago, with it's gigantic mirrored ball thing just off of Michigan Ave? Gonna keep the "three" theme going for awhile?

Karla Anne said...

I would guess, but I'd be cheating. I think I remember your itinerary!

Carol said...

I know nothing......but, I love the tummy.

Sarah said...

I'm ditto-ing Carol. -love it

Vander Griend said...

We had such a great time with you guys in Chi-town!! And yes I did recognize those legs but only after I first thought who is the mid-forty year old pushin that stroller?