Monday, November 1, 2010

trick or treat

i LLLLLOVE making costumes. i welcome the challenge of creativity under pressure with limited resources. so, despite all the reasons to ignore Halloween, i welcome it with open arms, a box cutter, and a needle and thread (and, to be totally honest, one store-bought costume)

First of all, our Avery said that he thinks at the ripe old age of 10, he's getting to old for Halloween. Really? He didn't linger here as he realized that not dressing up and not trick-or-treating would result in not having candy. So, he decided to be a baseball player. Again. (He's been a baseball player at least three times.) But that's cool. I encourage kids to come up with their own costumes. Here he is with his little buddy, Sam Rigney.

When I asked Miles a few weeks ago what he wanted to be, he answered, "A box." I just checked that off my list immediately knowing that we could postpone it for awhile. Then about two hours before go time, we stacked a few boxes together and voila! It was quite brilliant, actually. Watching him glide from house to house was so entertaining. He was quite the crowd pleaser.

Next to "Miles the Moving Boxes" is our Flower Princess, Jillian. Now, to be quite honest, I made her a Little Red Riding Hood costume. I followed the pattern best I could, but I chose a fabric that was just not right. In my opinion, the LRRH costume looked more like Little Red Riding Druid. Not what I was going for. So, we opted for this. She was happy. So was Old Navy. They like the business.

I had to save the best for last (for the few of you left who have yet to see!). A few days ago, my friend Jenny made me promise that I'd make a costume to go along with her little Sam's costume. Jenny hand-made an awesome Nacho Libre costume and I likewise made an Encarnacion costume. The awesome results:

Jenny and I with our Nacho and Encarnacion! Go to Jenny's blog for a very entertaining post and way more pictures.

Me with the cutest little nun I ever did see!


we are the spencers said...

totally awesome. how cute is phoebe!!!! best themes ever.

Greta said...

Beautiful pictures of you!
You're kids are adorable.
I wish I could sew - I'd love to create some costumes. For now, I'll stick to hand-me-downs and consignment sale finds.

Also, I'm embarrassed to say I have not seen Nacho Libre, HOWEVER, those two look hilariously adorable together. I love, love, love Phoebe's outfit. Awesome.

Sarah said...

you take on this challege so well. The kids laughed so hard when I told them Miles was a box. I think they finally may be convinced to try the creative route next year. Great pix!! love all of you!!

Anonymous said...

Ok,seriously. I think Miles' box costume might have been one of my favorite costumes EVER. It was SO amazingly hilarious to see him glide across the yards and climb up and down the stairs. Made my night!

I think costumes like that are way more fun than store bought!

James said...

1) If you add some silver spray paint to Miles' box, you would have my robot costume, circa 1987.

2) The Nacho Libre theme was exellent, though my stance on the movie itself remains unchanged.

Talitha said...

Best.Outfits.Ever!! Jenna, you're so creative!!!
I love the fact that Miles wanted to be a box!

Anonymous said...

reason number #342 that your kids can never say that you're not cool parents is that you dressed up a baby to be a character from Nacho Libre.

The song "Incarnacion" is my favorite scene in that movie. And one of her lines is my favorite line. "My favorite color is ... light tan. I enjoy puppies... play volleyball... serving the Lord."

Thanks, Phoebe.