Sunday, November 14, 2010

last of the (super long overdue) chicago pictures

Over a month ago, I wrote, "More on the trip soon." Fail. If I've learned anything about myself, it's that if I commit to doing anything on my blog, I don't do it. So, with that in mind, I will never post all our stops we made on our summer vacation.

A few thoughts on Chicago. I'm SO glad we had to travel through it twice (on the way out and on the way back to Minneapolis). I love this hub of the midwest for the people, the memories we've made there over the years and for all that it offers in terms of food and entertainment. At this stage in life, it's more about the people and the food.

We stayed with the Vander Griends. I met Kim in college and have already written a bit about her here and there. She's hilarious and intense. Her husband is also hilarious and intense, but in complimentary ways. They are so comfortable to be around. Even before they had children, they were really cool with ours. Kim has a very enchanting way with kiddos.

Our girls are very close in age. Lucy and Jillian are a few days apart. Lila and Phoebe are three months apart. I was a little obsessed with matching them. But getting a picture was tricky! It's hard enough to get ONE kid to look at a camera, let alone FOUR!!!

Kim reading to the girls.

The Dads took out the kids to Millennium Park (as I wrote SO long ago).

And we took out the babies. I have one request when I visit Chicago: cupcakes. If you're ever in Lincoln Park (am I right, Kim?), Go to Sweet Mandy B's. Get yourself a vanilla cupcake. (And then get another for the road.) It's AH-mazing. I have become a bit of a cupcake connoisseur over the years. I have not found a cupcake that competes with Sweet Mandy B's. (Okay, now I'm salivating. Cannot write about this anymore!!!)

next stop, OHIO. (but i will NOT post about it...reverse psychology works, right??!!)


Greta said...

We don't have any world-famous cupcakes, but your family should definitely come visit Birmingham!
Maybe you could get a picture of the multiple and similarly aged kids you have, with the ones I have.

Rachaelmade said...

Hi Jenna-
I'm Andrew's (bonz'z) wife. Brent invited us to dinner a LONG time ago and of course Andrew has not followed through! This morning he gave me this link and told me to contact you myself. We have commitments on Wendsdays and Friday nights and are mostly free otherwise. I amalso home with my son during the days and assume that you have a similar situation???? I would love to get together some time during the day and just have a playdate or something too.
I am not on blogger often (at all) and do not check th ee-mail account associated with my blogger account. So you can email me at or give me a call 651-340-4610
Have a great day!

Sarah said...

cute pics...and making me crazy about the cupcakes!