Wednesday, March 16, 2011

why i don't take, post or print pictures of my children at this stage in my life

Jillian: "Mah-um...Mah-um...can I take the picture?"
Me: "No, no honey. Let me get one of you and Phoebe in your cute dresses."

Me: "Honey, can you two scoot back??"

Phoebe: "Wah!!!!!!! Wah!!!!!!!" (translated: I want to look at the picture you're looking at in the camera!!!)

Me: "Hold on. I gotta turn off the flash. k. Phoebe! PEEK-a-boo! Be still one moment...."

Me: "PEEK-a-boo!!! Look at mommy :D!!!"

Me: " you go, Jillian."
Jillian: "say cheese!!!!!!!!!!"
Me: "cheese."
Phoebe: "uh. uh. WAH!"

Jillian: "Phoebe, say 'cheese'!!!"
Phoebe: "WAHHHHHH!!!" (translated: I'm about to go ninja on you if you don't give me that frip-frappin camera!!!!!!!!!!!!")

update: my friend, babysitter and the first commenter on this post, becky, had the same idea earlier in the day...with a tad more success.

I imagine Becky was all, "Okay, Phoebe, try to look emo....good girl!"

"Okay, Phoebe, now look totally spaced out while I pull off looking cuter than a baby! sweet. Good job!"


Becky said...

hahahaha. oh my Jenna. Thank you for that.

Becky said...

pahahaha. I didn't even realize that was the same day! I looked through some of the pictures but didn't see your beauties.

And yes, Phoebe listens to everything I tell her to do. What can I say? :) :)

Greta said...

Hmmmph. My kids never want to pose for pictures. If they sit still, I get that cheesy smile with the "fine maaaaahm" face.
Glad I'm not the only one.

Kelly @ Love Well said...


Oh yes. This. Exactly this.

And when I finally do get everyone smiling and looking at the same time, the camera malfunctions.