Monday, April 11, 2011

Up Next, After the Antique Road Show!

What were you up to while I was putting the girls to bed?

Watching a PBS documentary on the Russian Famine.

What happened?

It was really sad. It started with a drought. They didn't have any food. Finally, Americans sent corn, milk and potatoes. But not before the starving people dug up graves and ate the flesh of the dead. Ten butcher shops were shut down for selling human meat.

Sweet dreams buddy!

just to clarify...this was a conversation between Brent and Miles.


Nick Rogers said...

I didn't even know that. Ewww.
Sweet dreams - lol.

tiffany said...


tiffany said...

...not the famine, just the conversation. Just to clarify. :)

Greta said...

"The flesh of the dead" bum, bum, buuuum.

neely said...

you didn't have to clarify.. i knew miles was on the other end of this convo. i love your children; i'm so curious to see how God is going to bless Miles in the years ahead.