Friday, June 3, 2011

20 things from today

1. Brent took the day off to work on our family room remodel.
2. I took the boys to school and barely made it to the gas station. The gas light had been on awhile.
3. While I was pumping gas, my delightful doppelganger, Jenny Wilson, called because she did in fact, run out of gas. (We even have the same car.)
4. I ate several dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joes.
5. The Pella rep finally called me back about an estimate. We played phone tag. It was pretty awesome.
6. Jillian changed her clothes four times. Maybe seven.
7. I got visits from Becky, Jenny Rigney, Jenny and Matt Wilson and the Misners!
8. Phoebe pooped all over herself promptly after waking up and sometime before we got her out of her crib.
9. Rachel stopped by to borrow sewing supplies. I'm glad somebody is using them!!!
10. I found out, after the fact, that Miles recited a poem at school in front of the whole school today.
11. I went to sleep today. That's how late I was up last night. I was up until today.
12. I got a call from my lovely Japanese daughter, Youki, to let me know she is graduating on Sunday and that she would like to see us today or tomorrow. (We opted for tomorrow. And I HOPE we can go to the graduation!)
13. Avery played in his first tournament of the season. They lost 3 - 1.
14. Phoebe peed through a cloth diaper. We discovered this right when we got to the game.
15. I fixed Jillian's bike chain that had been falling off every few seconds...for the past six weeks.
16. Jillian and I planted the pots on the front porch.
17. Jillian and I painted with water colors on the back deck.
18. I felt badly because I felt like I ignored Jillian, but now I'm thinking I didn't do such a bad job.
19. We did laundry. (Just in case you thought we could go a day without it. Uniform and Phoebe's bedding.)
20. Finally sold some furniture on Craigslist. They came, they bought, they sauntered. Or rather, it took them quite awhile to pack up their minivan. Like a really long time. But, no big deal. Just notable.


Greta said...

Just a day in the life, huh?

Jess said...

That's the kind of day they make into reality TV shows.

Nelson said...

I heard the poem -- he was a SUPERstar!