Thursday, December 6, 2007

Schnazzy Scheetz Guys

I just had the most fun shopping for my boys!!! Yes, BOYS are fun to shop for! Avery sang in the Christmas concert for his school on Thursday and so I actually bought a dress shirt and dress pants and tie and even A BELT! I'm so casual, that I've never before bought my son a belt...and he's seven! What was so fun was Avery's excitement when he came home to his get-up. I don't know if this will be cool or tacky (story of my life), but in lieu of cheesy (and uncomfortable) dress shoes, my boy donned some slick black Puma's. sweet. I did most of the shopping while Avery was at school. With Miles by my side, I could sense the longing in his heart--or was it my own--for some of his own duds. So, Miles got a dress shirt and (clip-on!) tie as well. He calls it his suit. So cute.

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Carol said...

Those 3 Scheetz guys are pretty sharp!!

Aunt Carol