Thursday, December 6, 2007

when it's 50+ degrees in minnie's not 50+ degrees's really, really snowy.

but. we had a 50+ degree weekend a few weeks ago. and do you know what we did? we enjoyed it. we thought, "this is nice." if we were natives, we would have gotten out the Christmas lights and decorated the house. but, we're still mentally on a weather schedule with the St. Louisans. we didn't realize that when it's 50+ degrees in November "up nort", you get out a ladder and hang lights. by the way, i believe i saw some people in my neighborhood keep there lights lit well into may. ridiculous. you never witnessed such free-spirited behavior in the burbs. good thing i love it here regardless of year-round Christmas lights and political yard signs that should have been taken down 10 years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray! It's really here! I heard it was and wanted to see it for myself. I stumbled upon your blog through Allison's, through Kelly's, through another, etc. WOW! I get to read Jenna whenever I want. Makes me smile. Know you are missed! Keep in touch.

Love, Lori Snell