Saturday, February 9, 2008

"fun facts"

1.) There is a yellow bag with the words "out of service" covering the nozzle at Pump "B" at the Holiday on 46th Street and Hiawatha.

2.) If one drives away whilst the nozzle is still in the gas tank, there is a safety feature which releases the 15 feet of hose connected to the nozzle...and it sounds a lot like clunk when it hits the pavement.

3.) If the second "fun fact" should happen, it's recommended that one remove the nozzle from the gas tank, and walk clear up to the cashier's window with it in hand. One should gently tap on the glass with the nozzle and look very befuddled.


Rachel said...

No way. No way. Oh, Jenna, I can't breath. I"m laughing way to hard.

Oh, I really hope your befuddled look resembled the picture to the right.

Jenny said...

Baaaaaaaaahahahaha!!! Oh my goodness, I am laughing sooooo hard. Love you, girl.

Tiffany said...

You are kidding, right?

Jenna said...

not kidding. i wish i was.

The Evans Family said...

That is hysterical! What did Brent say?