Thursday, February 21, 2008

hope this makes my new friend laugh

I have a new friend. Her name is Keitha. I met her at church, when she and her husband were visiting...from's complicated. Anyway, we are very kindred and like-minded. However, we have a very not-so-subtle difference. Here. Pictured below is a room that she designed and decorated for some clients. It is on HGTV's website as one of the top-rated "Rate My Space" dealios.

Here. Pictured below is an actual wall in my family room. We impulsively ripped some stuff out and then, what now? I have officially applied to be on an HGTV show so that I might be rescued from this horror. Are you enjoying the irony? And, do you think we have a shot???

Hope this make you feel good about your life! And, Keitha, I hope we can still be friends!


Yvette said...

Well, I feel better, because we leave projects unfinished all the time. Plus I'm really hopeless when it comes to decorating.

keitha said...


I am laughing so hard you can probably hear it from TX. Seriously, I am on the next flight out to fix that mess!

Enter it today i say, today!

you are hysterical!

keitha said...

Sweet Mother! Ok, I just looked at it again and its making my head itch! i am going to get wrinkles from the squished up eyes and nose i have right now. the laughter is wearing off and I am just seeing that we have got to fix this!

Joel said...

Fix what?! It looks great. You don't need to change a thing. Just move it all to Kentucky.

Mr and Mrs said...

Okay, Yes - you will absolutely make the cut for an HGTV show. Are you sure those no exposed asbestos????

The funny thing is I just posted my mess on my blog today - letting it all hang out must be in the air this week!

Dawn Shelton said...

that is so funny! I thought the first pic WAS your house!! :)

Emma said...

I agree with Dad, why change it? It's wonderful!

keitha said...

tag, your it. check my blog.