Wednesday, September 10, 2008

how DO you bloggers DO it?

get you mind out of the gutter and stay with me here.

I thought I'd have loads of time to blog since the boys started school. I don't.
1. We're in the middle of a house usual. (It's our kitchen if you're wondering.)
2. I have a bottomless stack of papers to go through.
3. I have to prepare three meals a day for most of my family. Jillian eats so much, I want to set her up with an IV that will pump her full the calories she needs to get through her rigorous routine of pulling books off the shelves and climbing on the toilet and systematically emptying all of our kleenex boxes.
4. My job requires the much-loathed trips to the grocery store (where I always forget something crucial and have to go back without a list and impulsively purchase $37 more).
5. Laundry, bed making, bathroom straightening, dishes, LIVE this. you know.

The list goes on and on. I do NOT think I am any more busy than anyone else.

So, fess up, bloggers. What do you sacrifice to write your blog posts. Shower? Sleep? Homemade dinners? Fresh air? Friendship? Bible Time?

Or is there another way?

How DO you DO it?


The Evans Family said...

All you have to do is make one phone call and I'll be on my way to pick up Jillian for the day. :)

Sarah said...

#3 is my absolute favorite. You will hate me for saying this but I love to think of her little busy buns. Remember how much the boys helped you too...don't start yelling at me yet...from the pictures below, they obviously have their times of mischief. But YOU are the entertainer now for Jillian and the only one keeping an eye out for her. You lost a little bit of your help. That might add to your "loss" of time. I WILL fess up and say right now...7:45-8:30 is my detox time. The kids are going to call for me anyway so I'm just up here, blogging, and waiting for them to fall asleep. Starting anything else is only futile because I NEED to sit down after the long day and I am going to get interrupted by one of the 3 needing something in that 45 minute time period.

sarahT said...

here's my secret... i don't blog. i just read everyone else's blog and think about how i probably should be doing it. i know what you mean, my life/house are full of good intention/incomplete projects. i think you should add a #6 to your list: clipping my children's nails. next to dealing with temper tanrums in public places, this is my least favorite required task of motherhood. do the nails really have to keep growing? maybe maggie is old enough to teach her to bite her nails. is that just gross?

one thing i do to justify spending time reading blogs, facebook, watching tv etc. is giving up fake activities. for example: "darn, all i did tonight was waste time reading blogs and emails... guess i won't get that scrapbook started for maggie and stella's trip to the cabin!" (i don't scrapbook). or "rats, i just watched hgtv for two hours... guess i won't have time to go to the gym" (you guessed it... no gym membership). so you could take up some fake hobbies and then give them up to blog. not that this will actually get you more time. i'm a fried egg by 8:30 - who gets anything done once the kids are in bed anyway? i'm with you, i have no idea how people have time to blog!
i'd say bathing... go european and give up bathing.

Jenny said...

I don't shower. Wanna come over for a latte? You can't smell me while you have the coffee cup up to your face!! HAHA.

Really. I usually sit in bed at night and blog. So I guess I'm giving up sleep.

Occasionally I use nap time, but then cough, I, cough, have laundry still sitting on my dining room table at 11:07 at night. Cough.

kara said...

Oh shoot! Jenny, from the previous comment, just reminded me that I have a load in the dryer! I better go take care of that before I head off to bed.

Here is my sacrifice:

And please ignore my timestamp. I'm rally not up this late. Really I'm not. (denial is such a wonderful way to live)

Rachel said...

No Jenna, how do you do it?

There is no shortage of hilarity or posts at this blog.