Thursday, September 11, 2008

What happened in the 80s should have stayed in the 80s

No one consulted me, apparently, when they decided to bring back the 80s. This decade was to style what 30s were to the economy. Let's call it The Great Depression of Fashion. I'm quite taken aback when I see the oversized shirts & leggings combo. And the metallic

Here's a sampling of things I have yet to see that I really think should stay right there tucked away in nineteen-eighty-something...

Big. Chunky. Funky. Plastic. Face-dominating. Glasses.

What's this? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next: Frizzy. Big. Hair. And even more specifically: The Side Ponytail!

Unfortunately the side ponytail is back in, however, I'm seeing it down, smooth, and flowing, and not up, loud and obnoxious. I can deal with that.


Remember the stenciled borders around the walls? Mmmm...let's keep her right there under a few layers of paint, shall we?

Ahhh. The tapestry vest. I had one of these. Did you? I don't even think I liked it when it was cool. All this needs is a loose-fitting turtleneck.

Do you remember the lace collars that the ladies would wear with a tight knit sweater? Yep. This is what it looks like. This couldn't come back, could it? (It hasn't actually left for some!)

There's more, but I really shouldn't be doing this right now as explained in my previous blog post.

Although, I firmly believe what happened the 80s should stay in the 80s, I do have an appreciation for some of its offerings:

The Karate Kid
Humongous Cell Phones
Tapered jeans. I seriously can't wait to unveil my tight-rolling skills when it makes a major comeback!!
Commercials for feminine sprays. Seriously? They were parodies waiting to happen.
Mr. T
Hubba Bubba


Yvette said...

Oh I think tight-rolling jeans are so not cute, but we all worked hard in junior high on perfecting that technique. It would be nice to show off our skills again, wouldn't it?

Sarah said...

I think it was actually called "pegging your pants." My sister's roomate in college LOVED teaching me how to do it....with a cute pair of penny loafers..HOT. I LOVED Hubba Bubba so much...when I was 6, I stole a pack from our local market. Totally thought the police were coming for me.

Kelly said...

Jellies have come back too...what's up with that?! I could handle a revival of 80's music...that would be totally awesome! But let's pray the spiral perm doesn't make it's way back or swatches...the watch with the rubber thing over it so that you couldn't really even see what time it was...what was the point of that?!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your playlist on here...especially, "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush...great example of the music I would love to come back from the 80's!

Karla said...


You are absolutely hilarious!

Big hair MUST stay in the 80's.

Things I miss are "Brat Pack" movies, (the original) Journey...and all the other "love ballad" groups, and I LOVED the Karate Kid movies, too!

Dawn S. said...

Oh, and I remember WAAAAAY more of the 80's than you, my dear! Yipes. Jenny, Lee and I all had ginormous glasses like that. Don't want them back. EVER. Yuk.

Yes, Hubba Bubba is Bubbalicious!

Nate said...

Karate Kid. Saw it a hundred times. Banzai!