Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the line is busy...

...for only 95 cents, Qwest will keep trying and immediately call you back when the line is free.

Has anyone ever used this? I haven't for approximately a million reasons. One, I have a redial button. Two, I have email, Facebook, Twitter, texting and instant messaging. Three, I don't have 95 cents...not for that anyway.


Anonymous said...

I know, right? I always think, "Does anyone actually *do* this?"

Kim said...

forget the 95 cents any number that is busy isn't worth the money cuz they should have call waiting

Anonymous said...

i think it's amazing! brilliant, really. in life we spend money to save time and vice versa. 95 cents buys you freedom. freedom to go about your business without the anxiety of having to remember to try later. freedom from the frustration of trying and trying and trying only to be answered by a busy signal. that sound is so stress inducing! gosh! and who likes stress? so, you save time. you also save energy. some of us don't have fancy schmancy high society cutting edge technology phones with redial buttons. manual dialing can be laborious and painful if you suffer from carpel tunnel or the flu. 3-5 busy signals = 21-35 button presses or 30-50 if you're calling long distance. that's beyond crazy. finally, it's a value. what can you buy for 95 cents these days? back in my day you could by 95 gum balls. now it's what, like 3.4 @ 25 cents a pop? that's outlandish, yo! i'll take peace of mind and saving time over 3 lousy gum balls any day of the calendar week. in this economy, who wouldn't?! you'd have to be in-frickin-sane to choose the gum balls.

uh...not that i've like tried it or anything. i just think it's cool and people should back off!


p.s. just let people spend their money how they want! goll.
p.p.s. no one's perfect you know! sheesh.

Jen said...

There is usually a GOOD reason why I'm making the phone call at a particular time. If they are busy, I DON'T want to be called back when they are free. I want to make the call when I am free. So, if I get too many busy signals, time to write an email!