Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 random things

1. Jillian just handed me my planner saying, "Bible, Bible!". huh.

2. I'm convinced my hair is not growing on the sides. I haven't had a trim since December and I can't get a decent ponytail up. I kinda look like Heath Ledger in The Patriot. Not cool.

3. I wish I could tell you everything going on, but I just can't and that sucks. My comfort level is "full disclosure" and "total transparency". Can't always do that on a blog. How do you bloggers deal with that?

4. I really, really want to do a little mini-series of posts about Avery. I don't talk about him as much as the other two, but he's really cool and he'd quietly notice if I gave him some bloglove.

5. I am super excited about doing the envelope system for budgeting. I don't like spending cash, so already it's making me a more careful spender. (Full disclosure: I'm on day two. Of course, I'm still excited...and a more careful spender.)

6. Jillian just put garbage (from the garbage can) in her mouth. One of the hazards of blogging life lessons for toddlers. (It was some coffee grounds. No biggie.)

7. My sewing blog has totally gotten the shaft, but it will come back. As sure as the economy, it might will come back. How about I let you know here if/when it gets updated. I just made some chick costumes for a school play...maybe they'll be the thing that gets me back on that horse.

8. If I could have one earthly, non-altruistic wish, it would be free flights. Hey Brent, any airlines you wanna work for? No? Happy working at one of the strongest banks in America? That's cool. I'll let it go.

9. What do you think about dreams? Do you think they sometimes make you understand your heart better than just sitting there and consciously contemplating them? Most times, my dreams are whacked, but other times, it seems like I should take them seriously. And I just think the inconsistency is interesting, too. I'm not interested enough to check out a book on this right now. Just thinkin'...

10. Did I loan my More with Less cookbook to anyone? I cannot find it. And does anyone who uses it have recipes to recommend for when I do find it? It's great, but no inspiring pictures!


Anonymous said...

don't have your MwL, but it's an old favorite here. Meat-Potato Quiche is a great one -- lots of variety options, and tasty...


Greta said...

Ha! Sam does the same thing with my planner. Well, with any heavy book-type item, that is.

Sorry, you didn't loan me your cookbook. Hope you find it ;).

Laurie said...

Hi Jenna,
Are you feeling well these days?
Here are some thoughts in response to some of yours:
2. Can't imagine you not looking cute!
3. I am cautious about f.d. and t. t. on my blog,. I usually have to check myself so I don't "wig out" anyone who may read. However, sometimes f.d. and t.t. necessary and it is fine. I do appreciate it in other bloggers and always pray for a measure of grace from any who read my t.t. and try always to extend that same grace and understanding and appreciation of our spiritual processes! Did that make sense?
5. Mike and I did that when we were first married. Worked well...usually! Now things are more complicated. If you can do it by all means, do... and avoid complication!
9. Dreams are weird and so often revealing... however they are so sub-conscious that we have to be careful about giving them too much consideration. When I think of the thousands of thoughts that fly through my brain each day (okay maybe not that many most days...) I am not surprised they resurface in my dreams. I used to think I'd write dreams down so I could remember/study/contemplate/understand/whatever, but I don't think most dreams are worth that effort!
10. I have the More with Less Cookbook minus the cover and most of the index. I used to make Baked Lentils with Cheese a lot and we all liked it. Have you ever tried it? Here is the recipe from,192,129185-244196,00.html

Marty said...

I've never looked at Heath Ledger in the Patriot. I wouldn't have said your hair looked like his, but it did make me laugh. Actually, I thought your hair looked really cute today. If you don't like it, it sounds like Henri or Cossette could take card of it for you.

Sarah said...

Laughed out loud about #2 although I'm sure it isn't excited about #5...I think you'll LOVE IT!! Amen to #8...I'd be there in hot second!!!