Friday, April 24, 2009

Avery is 8-yrs-old (but, please don't tell him!)

Each of my kids is my favorite. I've told you most about Miles because he's the most bloggable. You've seen mostly pictures of Jillian because she's the baby and she hasn't started losing any teeth. But, what about the tall kid with floppy hair and the most responsibilities? What about him?

Avery kinda stays under the radar. He's introverted. He doesn't like to use words much. He has but few requests: food (half the time I say yes), t.v. (rarely do I say yes), and playing ball with the neighbors (sure, go for it!).

But, here's something about him you'd only know if you lived here...
He's an early bird. He's oftentimes the first one up. He doesn't make a ruckus. He likes to have a quiet morning to himself. Many mornings, he'll get up, get dressed, make his bed and get himself a bowl of cereal. Is this normal eight-year-old boy behavior? It gets better. When I was in my first trimester and dealing with insomnia, battling unbearable fatigue, he was so helpful. At the first squawk from Jillian, he'd be at my side asking, "Can I go get Jillian from her crib for you?" What a blessing!!! Even now, tears well in my eyes as I consider the help my son has been to me.

In an effort to honor my oldest son, I'll be doing a mini-series of posts for and about him.

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