Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the most bloggable kid in the family

I've kinda felt badly that Miles gets more posts than the others. A friend recently wrote of their third child, "Kate is the queen of one-liners...". A family with four children has one that is quoted significantly more often. That made me feel much better. Part of the reason Miles is quoted most is that he talks incessantly. He has SO much to say that he'll accuse you of interrupting even if he hasn't said anything. "But, I'm trying to think of what I want to say! Don't talk until I've said it!". Yikes. So, without further adieu, here's just a few recent quotes from Miles:

With a sinister laugh, "Hey, Mommy, I told Corene today that the three wise men were Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego." (yeah, Jenny, you'll want to undo that!)

Looking at a Pepsi delivery truck, "Mommy, is that a global warming truck?"

"I told Nathaniel today that before you die you have to take all your clothes off." What???

"Mommy, I have a new rule. It's called 'child's choice'. If I choose something, you have to give it to me."
And a chant he made up: "Say a prayer; Make it clear; and in'ves'ti'gate your beer!"
well, goodness, i know there must be more, but's all i've got for now!


Jenny said...

How do I write snorting while I laugh? The chant.. the chant... snorting... Wha?

The wise men thing went right over Corene's head. I asked her if Miles told her something about the wise men, and she said, "huh? no." then I asked her if she knew who s,m, and a are, and she said, "no", and then I asked her if she'd heard of them before and she said, "no". HAHAHA.

She's like me - watch a movie and promptly forget about it.

Anonymous said...

I love posts about Miles. I get excited about them when they pop up on my screen. I don't think he's favored over your other children, he just, as you said, "bloggable."

And I'm totally using that chant sometime. :-)

Tiffany said...

I love Miles. Just love him!

Annie said...

Miles reminds me of someone I used to share a bedroom with; only I didn't get it then.