Saturday, March 8, 2008

sidewalk counseling

This morning I started my day like I have started every Saturday morning for at least a month. I wake up with a passion for life and for God's sovereignty over it. And then what? I dress as warmly as possible, which includes pulling my corduroys over my pajamas, because the sidewalk where I stand is on the north side of the building. That never meant anything to me before I moved up to this frozen tundra. The fourth floor of the building is home to an abortion clinic. So, now you know.

I am not a picketer. I am relying on God's wisdom to give last minute counsel to women and men in crisis who are hoping in abortion to solve their problems.

My sister's blog detailed last week's events when God used me to help a couple decide to leave the abortion clinic. It was all God. He gets the glory. I get the joy. The week before, a couple who my friend Marty spoke to kept their baby. And I just found out another couple that yet another counselor and I spoke to also kept their baby just today. (And I'm quite certain if they heard anything helpful, it was from the other counselor.) I can't say this enough: Only God can change hearts. Not logic alone. Not truth alone.

That's three babies...saved. Three mothers and three fathers rescued from the pain of abortion. I'm so grateful to God to let me witness such mercy and grace.

Okay. I don't want this to be long. So, I'll get to my thought from this morning.

It's discussed in courtrooms and coffee shops whether the life that is destroyed is a "baby". But, out there on the front lines, the moms, and the boyfriends, and the parents who give their approval for their teenage daughters to have abortions know exactly what it is. Do you know how I know? They say, "We can't keep this baby." A grandfather said this morning, "We already have a grandchild and she doesn't want this baby." A lady told me last week, "My sister is willing to take this baby, but I can't do this."

It's a baby...and they all know it.


Tiffany said...

You go girl. Can I join you sometime?

Jenny said...

Preach it, sistah.

Ramona Lisa said...

Keep up the good work! What a powerful way to be salt and light.

If any of those parents want a good home for their baby, you know who to call! Should I send you a stack of profiles to hand out?

Praise God for the lives saved!

Jenna said...

Sadly, many women think, "if I'm not going to keep this baby, I'm certainly not going to give it to someone else." Or they think this is a more dignified thing for the baby. It's so ironic and strange and sad. But there are so many different reasons why women feel like they have to do this. It's important that your heart breaks for the mom...almost more than it does for the baby who's dying for her cause. Actually, you pray to have a broken heart for the abortionist, the escorts, the medical assistants and the pressuring boyfriends (that's the hardest), the mothers and the babies. You can't go to that sidewalk hating and judging everyone involved, except the baby.
And if you've ever seen a woman's face as she's walking to get an abortion, I think you'd feel nothing but pity and sympathy for her.
Okay, Mona, that wasn't all directed to your's just when I get started thinking about these people, there are so many thoughts I have!!!
Bless you, Mona. If anyone ever says, "Who would take this baby?" I'll know.
By the way, I HATE the phrase, "unwanted baby". Hate it. I heard that there was a woman from my church here who said, "As long as I live, there will never be an 'unwanted child'."

keitha said...

informative, inspiring. thank you for caring and investing in the lives of men, women and babies in ways that most wont. i appreciate your heart and the mirror that you steadfastly carry which reflects all glory to Whom is belongs. I am honored to be your friend.

Anonymous said...

During the first few years of our marriage, Chris and I used to go down to PP on some Saturday mornings to pray. I admire your commitment to go in the cold. Those were always the toughest mornings, and I'm sure St. Louis cold is nothing compared to Minn. cold!

I've been thinking about it lately, thinking we should do it again. And then I think about how I don't want to do it, and can come up with every excuse to stay home. I think, "Someday, we'll all go when the kids are older." I feel like I say this a lot, especially when it comes to service outside of the home. Do you involve Miles and Avery in service "activities" (the only word I can come up with) - in this form or others?

Thanks for challenging my selfish thoughts...


Rachel said...

Jenna, what a good work you are a part of! Thanks for sharing this.

Amy said...

That is awesome & think of the jewels in your crown!

I came across you from Rachel's blog.