Monday, March 3, 2008

tagged again...same premise, different form

Here we go. I was tagged by Keitha. She rocks.

10 Years ago

Ten years ago, I had been married for seven months. Our first year of marriage was rough. We argued so much and it was drama all the time. No, I mean, when we weren't having our marriage drama, I was on stage or in practices with the Improv team or in a play. I think the one I was in 10 years ago was Beyond the Bedroom Wall. I had a lead. And Kim would be pleased if I mentioned that I won some best actress award for that role. And, no Kim, it's not out on my mantle. I would like to think that I've changed a lot since those years. I think one word that would describe how I see the Jenna of 10 years ago would be "pride". This manifested itself mainly in my harsh criticisms of everyone around me. Sorry, old college friends.

Things on My To Do List Today:

make coffee
new post on blog
make lunch for Avery
get him to school
finish monogramming burp cloth
get Miles to preschool
go to chiropractor (first time in over a year, I feel so crooked)
read my Bible, pray everyday (wrote it that way, b/c that song was in my head)
pick up Miles? (or will Jenny pick up?)
fold laundry, wash laundry, repeat
rearrange the junk in my house
make dinner? can't remember what's on the menu....
probably make a trip to the grocery store (Sams yesterday, reg. grocery today)
figure out where that smell is coming from in the kitchen (sink? trash?)
make beds
enjoy family
work on fighter verse (memory verse for church, philipians 4:6-8)
probably call my mom and dad
email janice

Three of my BAD Habits:
(I should ask Brent, but I'm afraid...and he's asleep....good.)

Oh, here's one Brent has mentioned. I was talking to Brent on the phone, and I took a drink, and he said, "you could move the phone away from your face" because he could hear me gulping and it was REALLY loud. And then he said that I do that a lot. He just informed me of this very recently. So naturally, I was horrified that I've been gulping in ya'll's ears for YEARS!!! I'm thinking that's a habit.

I feel entitled to treats all the time. It's a battle. Whenever I go the gas station, I have an impulse to buy something...usually Resees Peanut Butter cups. I'm so grateful for "pay at the pump", having kids, and Minnesota winters as this keeps me from going in these days. I used to almost always get a treat whenever I ran any errands. I still struggle with getting the ice cream at McDonalds and the lattes at the drive thru Starbucks.

I don't make eye contact with my family enough. I can get so busy or just distracted that I don't take the time to look into their eyes. I love eyes. I love their eyes. I need to break this habit today....

If I Suddenly became a Billionaire:

I'd put an addition on this old house. I've been watching my neighbor's addition go up and it's a beaut. We have friends, family and school in our neighborhood. The idea of moving--even if it's for a good reason, like growing out of this house--seems crazy. But, as half of my heart is in St. Louis, I'd be there a lot more. And I'd travel more in general. And, or course, I'd give a lot away to our church and pro-life ministries. Yep. I know what I'd do. (Marty will appreciate this.) I'd stand outside of abortion clinics and tell women, "I'll give you $10,000 if you'll listen to me and not go into that clinic."

Five Jobs I've Had:

babysitting since I was 10 years old
2nd shift receptionist at Retirement home (this included cleaning up vomit once...)
selling/folding clothes at Express
trained to serve at Bob Evans (think Perkins...humbling, lasted three weeks I think)
Worked for the Bidners in their home nannying and at their business Nikco Sports

Five Things People Don't Know About Me:

1. I struggle with anxiety. I haven't been diagnosed, but I think it's pretty obvious. After spending time with a group of people, many times I feel like my heart is going to palpitate out of my chest. I just get nervous. And I replay conversations, emails and mistakes of the day in my head when I'm supposed to be drifting off to sleep. I know this has it's roots in desiring to please people more than God.

2. I still wish I could be on Saturday Night a regular.

3. I love to rollerblade, but I don't for a few reasons. One reason is that I've had the same rollerblades since I was 15, I think. That's half my age. That's ridiculous. I can't wear those things.

4. Every few years, I try to go vegetarian only to realize it's such a pain. I could do it if I had 30 main course vegetarian recipes that were amazing...and if real bacon was a vegetable...

5. I long to be a structured person, and I'm just not.

I will tag Jenny and Tiffany...and Emma, for good measure.


Jenny said...

4:11 am? No wonder Brent is sleeping!! So, what do I do when I'm tagged? The same thing on my blog?

keitha said...

i LOVE knowing all of this about you! what great info. thanks for playing.

that saturday night live thing cracked me up.

oh yeah, LOVE the idea of $10,000 to the girls outside the clinic.

Joel said...

Do you know what would be a riot?
A night of improve. Yes, a bunch of people doing some improv activities.
This might placate some of your SNL desires.

The Evans Family said...

I'm wit Joel, I think a night of improv would be AWESOME. Don't do it unless you call to invite us too. HA!