Thursday, March 20, 2008

the Bible according to Miles

The scene: Miles and Avery have these lego Bionicles (about 7 inches tall) that look like medieval knights, equipped with medieval weapons like a spiky ball on a chain. They are doing battle and apparently they've carved out some rules for the guys.

Miles: AVERY! That's not fair. You are being just like a pharisee.

Avery is dumbfounded.

Miles: The pharisees wanted to make sure that everybody else followed God's rules, but they didn't want to follow them their selves.
This reminds me....
About this time last year, we were at the grocery story when Avery and Miles were misbehaving. I made them promise that they were going to behave. I was super redundant, "Avery will you stay off the cart?" He replied, "yes". Within seconds, Avery nearly brought the cart over on its side. Miles chimed in, "Avery, remember, 'let your yes be yes and your no be no'...".
And that very night, Brent was reading to them about Adam and Eve in the garden and how Eve disobeyed God by eating the fruit which God had forbidden her to eat.

Miles thought for a moment and said, "This reminds me of a verse, 'Through the disobedience of one man, the many were made sinners', but it seems to me that it was through the disobedience of a woman."


The Evans Family said...

I am in tears laughing so hard. You're kids are so cute!

Miles is a biblical prodigy. That is awesome!

Jenny said...

No. Way. That boy is a force to be reckoned with. Too hilarious.

keitha said...

preach it!

btw - such a blessing to hear how implanted the Lords word is already in his heart. what a testimony of your parenting.

Andie said...

whoa. I can't believe that last one! Is Miles the one who helps behind the kiosk? I have been enjoying learning about your family since we chatted a few weeks ago at church and I realized jillian and byron are a day apart. now I'm seeing you everywhere... in blog world- on molly's blog and christa's.