Monday, March 17, 2008

i know. it's totally annoying.

I mean, if you're going to have a blog, update the dang thing, right? I guess I've been kind of blank. I mean, trust me, I say, "I'll be blogging about that" like 10 times a day, but by the time the kids are in bed, I'm so exhausted, I've got nothin' left. But, I know how you think. I'm one of you, too. You're like, "Okay. Surely by now they've at least posted a funny picture." And then, same old thing, same old title, same old pictures. It's almost like when you're on hold and it sounds like someone's going to finally pick up, but no. "Your call is very important to us." The nice difference between that and this week-long abandoned blog is that you are not held captive here. You are very free to just click away.

Following the suit of a friend in town, Molly, I think I'll just blurt out the random thoughts of my brain:

1. I hate shopping. Swim suit? The worst! Thought it would be easier to go to Sam's and pick one up. Imagine walking through the store with this. It's awkward. Worse even is that it's more low cut than it appears on the manequin-hanger. Gross. Now I have to take it back.

2. Pictured below is last week's culinary success. Brown rice, apples, cashews, red peppers, curry...and so on. Yum.

3. This is my view when I'm rinsing my hair. One day, I decided I couldn't take the ridiculously ugly wallpaper anymore. And five minutes later, I couldn't take it down anymore. typical.

4. Today I read a chapter from C.S. Lewis' Grand Miracle entitled, "The Trouble with X...". In this article he suggests that we abstain from thinking about anyone else's faults (unless we are in a parent or teacher relationship with the subject). That seems so obvious to some of you and so remarkable to me. I hope that I really take the suggestion to heart and think more tenderly towards those who would normally receive my mental wrath.

5. I'm also reading The Three-Martini Vacation (finally). Very funny. Read this if you are a mommy and if you're not easily offended by off-color humor. Not a Christian book, but contains many Christian principles.

6. Last week, Brent took the boys to Denny's on the "free kids' dinner" night. I know. I would never admit it, but let me just defend myself by telling you that Avery can read the flourescent paint on the windows and has been begging to go eat for free almost every Tuesday night for three months. I was going to go, but Jillian fell asleep in my arms as we were about to leave. I was not desperate for a Moons over My Hammy, so I stayed back. This is what I missed out on. Apparently, a cartoonist draws pictures of the patrons for free. The boys' pics look freaky, but he almost has Brent perfectly. I've never had one of those cartoony drawings in all my life. I don't think I want one because they always exaggerate the little flaws. No thanks....well, actually, I'm a bit curious. If I get one, I'll post it. (But that would mean going to Denny's and then admitting that fact!)

7. Brent has just informed me that WEEKLY, Miles ponders over this question. "How can you NOT sell an air guitar?" (This reminds me of the time when I told Miles that Daddy was going to sell one of his guitars and he said, "Well I hope he doesn't sell his air guitar. I LOVE that one." What????)

Well, I guess that's a wrap for now. Thanks for checking in!!!!


Yvette said...

That's okay, Jenna, about not posting in a while. It's been quite a long time at my blog too since my last post. It comes and goes.

Your post was very funny and I cracked up over the picture of your wallpaper in the shower. That's so Johnny & I when it comes to house projects.

And that caricature of Brent does look a lot like him! Maybe the artist was only good at profiles.

Swimsuit shopping can be VERY difficult these days, trying to find one that isn't low-cut.

Steven & Neely said...

So were you carrying the swimsuit on a plasti-quin in one hand with a Sam's-sized tub of cashews in the other? That would be funny too, especially if you could manage a beer koozie in the picture. Jen, you are the funniest person I know. Thanks for the post. My blog is stale-oh-so-stale so it's giving me inspiration to shake off the tireds and write.

Jenna said...

oh Neely, every time you say "beer koozie" I giggle with delight! and, yes, i love the image of me, the plasti-quin swimsuit, a case of budweiser and some beer nuts.