Saturday, March 29, 2008

finally learned (from Shari) how to post a video!


Anonymous said...

Wow, they must listen to Mallot's composition a lot, because she had it down. I've sung that for weddings! :-)

Yvette said...

That was great; I was totally cheering her on through it. Now you should teach me how to post a video.

Jenna said...

i think zoe and orison could be a band. her "lord's prayer" and his "holy, holy, holy" are a great start for a set list.

i'm so glad to have someone to pass along this info. shari ley taught me! okay. highlight/copy the code next to "embed" on the youtube page and then paste it in the html part of the new post (next to compose). hope that makes enough sense. now you need to teach me how to put music on my blog. okay?

Yvette said...

Umm, I don't know how to post music on a blog. I really useless when it comes to blogs. I need hand-holding. Lots of it.