Tuesday, March 18, 2008

not bragging. just wondering.

Okay. Jillian's been saying, "ma ma", "da da", "neh neh", and "ba ba". We're quite sure these are arbitrary ramblings of a baby. But this morning she looked at my coffee and said, "da!". The boys and I looked at each other and Miles said, "She said 'that'." Well, I thought I heard the same thing, but doubted the probability of such. And then moments later she looked at my coffee again and said, "dat!", actually pronouncing the 't' sound. We looked at each other and Avery said, "that's weird". Could it be?


Yvette said...

Jillian is so adorable. You should talk with Janice Evans. I believe Mia was talking in sentences by the time she was one. You could ask her about it. My children didn't start talking that early.

The Evans Family said...

Hey Jenna, Yvette is right. Mia was talking full sentences by the time she was one. She was, and is very advanced verbally. So yeah, it's totally possible.

I'm trying to take my mind back to when Mia was Jillian's age - crawling, pulling up... yeah, she was saying words.

keitha said...

Savannah was signing (5 words) at 9 months and speaking simple (2-3 wrd) sentences at 1 yr. its amazing what they are capable of at such a young age. truly miracles.

she is a beautiful child.

Rachel said...

I definitely think that is what she is saying. And I would name everything that she points to--assume she is asking you, "what is that?" when she points and says "dat".

I'm pretty sure that Ava was saying "wha'zat?" (what's that?) and "wha'zis?" (what's this?) at about nine months. It only counts as one word, even though it looks like a two word combo to us. So it's about the same thing that Gillian is doing. Language acquisition is so fascinating!

P.S. Am I the only one who has to enter the Word Verification thing three times!?!

Jenna said...

no. i was just thinking about posting about word verification. what gives? is it a left/right brain thing? so difficult.

Jenny said...

totally think she is really communicating. Ava had lots of words before she was one. "dat" was one of them for sure.
Actually, "dat" was Corene's ONLY word until she was 2. It's apparently a popular word. :)

Isaac has a word. "fwashwalla". It means "I love you soo much mommy". Right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenna. I found your blog through one link or another, hope that's alright!

It looks like your daughter is your third child? By this time, you have two older, talking, children that you interact with quite a bit... in front of your daughter. Couple that with the fact that, by child three, you are probably no longer "baby talking" and viola! Your daughter is hearing full out, verbal conversations on a daily basis.

Our sixth child asked entire questions by one year of age - because we all asked entire questions of each other. It never occured to me until she looked at her brother and said (I think she was about 13 mos.) "Why you say dat?" I had just been talking with him and had responded to something he said with "Oh? Why do you say that?"

They are little sponges. Cute, cuddly, loveable, little sponges.

Have a great week.