Sunday, June 7, 2009

jillian's fashion essentials

Very obsessed with wearing the bike helmet (and, yeah...she has a cast)

And snow boots--especially in warm weather--are a MUST. (I have to hide these.)

Fake glasses are always good. Brent and I give thumbs up to glasses!


Carol said...

Didn't she used to have issues w/wearing the helmet?? Ahhhh, did she break her wrist/forearm? LOVE the picture w/glasses, what a sweetpea!!

Sarah said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS...she is so adorable. And forgive me that we have not had that conversation about that horrible tumble on the steps!! LOVE SARAH

Greta said...

She just looks like fun!

And aren't you going to tell us what happened to her arm/wrist?

Jenna said...

okay. we just hosted small group at our house. jillian wore those glasses the WHOLE time. like, FOUR hours. Brent said that when she was about to go to sleep she said, "wear glasses..." oh man. what a hoot. she might need real glasses soon. she looks just like brent...maybe she SEES like him, too!