Thursday, June 25, 2009

"mom, do you still write your blog?"

Avery asked that today as I was driving the brood home. "Good question, I don't know what..." I trailed off as I imagined what I could possible have to say.

Probably just better to starting unloading the thoughts in a brain dump...

1. On Behaviors... Sometimes when my kids pick-up my bad behavior, it's so upsetting. But, sometimes, it's quite entertaining. For instance, today in the car, a van with one of those "How's My Driving?" stickers stopped abruptly in front of us. I didn't say anything this time, but I heard Avery squawk out, "How's your driving?? Horrible." I know, I know. I'm a Christian mom, right?! I'm supposed to say, "Avery, we should practice patience." But, no. I just nodded my head in approval and giggled.

2. On Pregnancy...Today is Thursday. I'm 24 weeks pregnant. Every time I realize it's Thursday, I try to remember how far along I am. Then, I remember my friend Sara who was expecting two weeks behind me. Sara should be 22 weeks, but she's not. And I think of my friend Amy who was due a few days before me. And I think of my sister-in-law who's baby was due around the same time as ours. Pregnancy doesn't look like it did when I was 22 years old. Lots of things look different. There is so much sadness mixed in with joy.

3. On community...Tonight is the annual block party. No costumes costume this year.

4. On beverages...I miss beer. I miss wine. I don't miss coke, coffee or cafe lattes. I still enjoy those.

5. On Education... The more I think about our decision to send our kids to school, the more happy I am about it. I came thisclose to homeschooling again. I can say with confidence that I would have lost my mind if I had a toddler, a newborn and two children to educate at home. For those of you who do this, wow. You deserve a venti latte and a back rub. everyday.

6. On being so flippin' crafty...I love sewing, yes I do. I love sewing, how 'bout you?? Seriously, people. I'm so glad my family is completely chillax about our living room bathing in fabric while the iron and ironing board are almost always set up. I'm kinda glad I don't have a sewing room, because I can be in my own little sewing world AND be in the same area as the family. It's only annoying sometimes (for both parties I'm sure).

7. On boredom busters...I love google suggest. You know when you start typing something in and then it suggests what you might be trying to type? It's fun. For instance, I just tried, "what does it mean to ____" And here were the options:
-what does it mean to be an american
-what does it mean to be poke someone on facebook
-what does it mean to be human
-what does it mean to square the circle
-what does it mean to be in love
-what does it mean to be a christian
-what does it mean to go green
I know. It's pathetic. It's like a smoke break for me. (but, try it and enjoy.)

8. On the ever-shrinking house...I'd really like to finish off a room in our basement. Does anyone want to fund this? I need want more space. Have I ever mentioned that we have a small house? Usually I'm a pretty good sport. I don't like to actually go camping, but there's an element of campiness to cramming a biggish family into a tinyish home.

9. On board games...So, the other night, Avery asked if I could teach them Clue. You remember that game, right? Became a movie? Right. So, we start playing. And they start asking the questions. "How do you murder someone with a candlestick?" (According to Miles, "You burn them!") How do you murder someone with a rope?" "How do you murder someone with a lead pipe?" (According to one of them, "They smoke it and die.") "What if this gets too scary?" "What if it's like duh-duh-DUH!!" (that was scary music) "What if I have nightmares??" I didn't answer most of these questions. Like, I'm going to teach them how to use a wrench as a weapon?!! But, I did keep going. It's good for their logic skills, right?

10. On "Thank You" notes...I'm 32 years old. I am horrible. I RARELY send a thank you note anymore. I just wish "Thank You" notes were only for when you forgot to say "thank you" in person. Or if the person doesn't have a phone or email. Or...I don't know. I suffer from a disease called constantguiltbecauseiowesomeoneathankyounote. It's painful...hopefully more painful than NOT receiving a thank you note.


Jenny said...

3. But you were so CUTE in your toga last year! Hope you have fun this year~

10. I WAY share your disease. At least now I know my disease's name. Thank you.

Aubrey said...

Question: Do you have 3 or 4 bedrooms? I have 3 bedrooms and 5 people - we would like a 6th person and I daydream about finishing a room in the basement, but alas, no funds. So I guess I'm wondering - 3 bedrooms so 2 kids to each room or are you not that tight yet?

(Holy Crap! Who sounds pregnant now?)

And Congratulations from a random stranger!

Jenna said...

we are *that* tight. three bedrooms. going on six people. and actually, when we have had international students, we put all three kids in one room and (obviously) gave the student her own room. so, this isn't totally new for us.

it's not that i want the kids to have more space. i want to have a spare room to host internationals, friends and family.

Anonymous said...

two bedrooms here. there's a reason they don't make 2 BR houses anymore.
nice brain dump.

Melissa said...

2. I feel the same exact way with this pregnancy. My heart aches for my friends. indeed,"so much sadness mixed in with joy."

4. i want a mojotio,

5. Thinking about educating Elizabeth (who is only 18 mons) already stresses me out.

10. I am so glad someone else suffers from that guilty disease. it stresses my mom out. she thinks it is the death of politeness in me. sorry mom.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the brain dump. Your blog is my boredom buster.

annonymous me

Neely said...

agree with anon me, you are my "smoke break/ boredom buster" actually, you're more of a healthy diversion, i'm rarely bored... that reminds me... i've got to go look up "what does it mean to poke someone on facebook?"... haven't taken the time to figure that concept out yet.

Nelson said...

Jenna -- I'm so glad you and your boy(s) will be at our school! And I am still struggling a bit with that not homeschooling guilt but just a bit... :-)

Jess said...

Your brain dumps are awesome! I especially love when you said "thisclose."

When I get a house and want to make curtains or something, can I have sewing lessons?

Sarah said...

I love these dumps so much...the vivid morsels that give such a great window into what is goin' on your neck of the woods. Your "google suggest" boredom buster cracked me up. Do you know I never pay attention??!! I'm so on task to what I'm searching for...what have I been missing??!! So fun!! I'm doin' it!! I want to see your pregnant..this is the only pregnancy I am missing. I love your house and the cozyish feeling...and knowing you sew with your crafty self while the kids lives are moving all around you. I love that you share your house readily with others no matter what size it is! True hospitality!! Miss you friend!

P.S...little disappointed the rest of the blog world won't get to enjoy a new costume this year....but how could you top the toga?

Mandy said...

Janna! I love reading your blog. You are so much fun =)